hardware entries

431A5th Glove6501
Accelerated Graphics Portacceleratoraccess time
acoustic coupleractive matrix displayActive Reconfiguring Message
Advanced Configuration and Power InterfaceAdvanced Power ManagementAdvanced RISC Computing Specification
Advanced Technology AttachmentAdvanced WavEffectaliasing
American Wire Gaugeanalogue computerany key
Apple Attachment Unit Interfaceapplication serverApplication-Specific Integrated Circuit
ARMarrow keyAsynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
AthlonATXAutomatic Send Receive
Baby ATbackplanebackside cache
barrel shifterbase memorybay
beamerBiCMOSbidirectional printing
binary counterbiometricsbitmap display
bit-paired keyboardbits per pixelblitter
BNCboustrophedonicbraille display
bridgeburn-incable modem
CASCategory 3Category 5
cathode ray tubecationic cocktailCentronics
Ceramic Pin Grid Arraychad boxChadless keypunch
channel service unit/data service unitchiclet keyboardchip creep
Chip Scale Packagingchip setChristmas tree
coaxial cableColor Graphics Adaptercolour palette
Column Address StrobeCommunication and Network Risercommunications port
complex programmable logic deviceconsolecontent addressable memory
controlControl and Status Registercontrol key
CyberWanddatabase machineData Communication Equipment
data gloveData JackData Terminal Equipment
DECtapedifferential driverdifferential line
digital cameradigital carrierDigital Equipment Corporation
Digital Subscriber Line Access ModuleDIN-8diode
Direct-Access Storage DeviceDirectXdisk controller
disk drivedisk duplexingdisk mirroring
displaydisplay standardDitto Drive
docking stationdongledot matrix printer
dot pitchDPMSD-shell connector
D-typeD-type flip-flopDual In-Line
Dual In-Line Packagedumb terminalDvorak
ECLEDS+effective number of bits
Electromagnetic CompatibilityElectrostatic Dischargeempeg
Enhanced Capabilities PortEnhanced Graphics Adapterenhanced parallel port
Enhanced Small Disk InterfaceEnigmaEV6
expansion cardexpansion slotExtended Capabilities Port
eXtended Graphics ArrayExtended Video Graphics ArrayeXtended Video Graphics Array
Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access MemoryFast SCSIfeature key
Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loopfield emission displayfield-programmable gate array
FiltabyteFlexFlip Chip Pin Grid Array
flip-flopfloating-point acceleratorFloating-Point Unit
floppy diskflopticalfootprint
form factorFPAframe
frame bufferframe grabberfried
front side busFUBARfunction key
G3GALgamma correction
gategender menderGeneric Array Logic
Graphic Display Interfacegraphics acceleratorgraphics adapter
Gray codeGunning Transceiver Logichamster
haptic interfacehardwarehardware circular buffer
hardware registerHC-900Head Disk Assembly
heat sinkheat slugHFC
high colourHigh Performance Parallel InterfaceHigh Performance Serial Bus
High Speed ConnectHigh-speed Net Connecthigh speed serial interface
High Voltage Differentialhomehome keys
horizontal scan rateHost Control Interfacehot swapping
Human-Computer InteractionHuman-Computer InterfaceHuman Interface Device
hydrofluorocarbonIBM 3270IBM 3720
ICIEEE 488infant mortality
Information Applianceinkjet printerinput device
intelligent terminalinterlacingisometric joystick
Jaz DriveJK flip-flopjoystick
keyboardKeyboard Send ReceiveKeyboard Video Mouse
light penlineliquid crystal display
Lisp Machinelocal busloudspeaker
Low Insertion ForceLow Voltage Differentialmagneto-optical disk
Memory Management Unitmicrochip artmicroelectromechanical system
microphoneMicrosoft IntelliMouse Explorermicrotape
Microwave Hardware Description Languagemind mousemirror
moduleMonochrome Display Adaptermotherboard
mousemouse matMulti-Color Graphics Array
multiplex printermultiscanmultisync
Multisystem eXtention Interface BusMusical Instrument Digital InterfaceNetwork Device Interface Specification
network interface controllerNICNLX
null modemnumeric keypadoptical computing
optical disk driveOptical Mark Readeroptical mouse
Optical Time Domain Reflectometeroutput deviceoverclocking
page modePage Mode Dynamic Random Access Memorypager
PALpaper tapeparallel port
passive matrix displayPCPC-7150
PCBPCI Mezzanine CardPCI slot
PDSperipheralPeripheral Component Interconnect
persistencePersonal Computer Memory Card International AssociationPGA
PICPin Grid Arraypin-out
Pipeline Burst CachePlastic Pin Grid ArrayPlaystation
plenum cableplotterpoint
pointing devicepoint of sale terminalpolyvinyl chloride
power cyclepower-on resetpower-on self-test
power supply unitPRAMprimary cache
printed circuit boardprinter portProcessor Direct Slot
program counterProgrammable Array LogicProgrammable Logic Controller
Programmer's Switchprotocol analyserpurple wire
PVCQWERTYRadio-frequency identification
Radio Frequency InterferenceRandom Access Memory Digital-to-Analog ConverterRAS
rasterraster blasterred wire
refreshrefresh rateReliability, Availability, Serviceability
ribbon cableright-clickRJ-11
RJ-45root bridgerotational latency
RTLrusty ironS3
SB AWE32SBusScalable Coherent Interface
scan lineSCIscreen
SCSI adapterSCSI IDSCSI initiator
SCSI reconnectSCSI targetsensor
Serial Peripheral Interfaceserial portserver room
shielded twisted pairshort cardSingle Connection Attach
Single Edge ContactSingle Edge Contact CartridgeSingle Edge Processor Package
Single Electron Tunneling Technologysingle endedSingle Inline Pin Package
sleepSlot 1Slot 2
Slot ASmall Computer System Interfacesmart
Smart Battery DataSMBSnappy Video Snapshot
Socket 370Socket 7Socket 8
Sound Blasterspace barspace-cadet keyboard
speakerSPISR flip-flop
stack loaderStaggered Pin Grid Arraystatus
stepper motorsubstrateSuper 7
Super Video Graphics ArraySVGASVGA monitor
SyQuest Technology, Inc.System/370System Management Bus
System Management Modesystem unittagged queueing
tall cardtape headTelerat
Telescope User InterfaceTeletypeteletypewriter
televisionTelevision Interface Adapterterminal
Terminal Access ControllerTerminal Adapterthick film dielectric electroluminescence
TIATime Domain ReflectometerTNC
touchpadtouch screentracker ball
TrackPointtri statetty
tubeTunny Emulatortwisted pair
Ultra64Ultra-SCSIUninterruptible Power Supply
Universal Asynchronous Receiver/TransmitterUniversal Serial Busunshielded twisted pair
vampire tapVersa Module Europavertical refresh rate
vertical scan rateVery Large Scale IntegrationVESA Local Bus
VGAVideo Graphics Arrayvideo random-access memory
Visual Display UnitVMEvt100
vt220wall platewavetable
webcamWhite BookWhite book CD-ROM
white trashWide SCSIwinchester
Window Random Access Memorywrats nestx86 processor socket
XT bus architectureX terminalZero Insertion Force
Zip Drive