1. A generic term for a display device that shows text and/or images on a roughly flat rectangular surface. The most common type is usually refered to as a "monitor" and is based on a cathode-ray tube, though flat panel displays have, since around 2000, become increasingly competitive in price and performance.

Last updated: 2005-07-28

2. A screen multiplexer utility which lets you run multiple interactive terminal sessions (and curses programs) through a single terminal connection (on one virtual console, one terminal, through one modem link, telnet session or xterm).

Screen can detach processes from one terminal and attach them to another. "Auto-detach" lets you continue working after being disconnected and reconnected. It supports keyboard driven cut and paste from any text and/or curses application (like Lynx) to any other (like xemacs).

Screen comes with many Linux distributions and is available (free) on many other Unix platforms.

Last updated: 2005-07-29

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