storage entries

A20 handleraccess timeaddress
Address StrobeAdvanced Intelligent TapeAdvanced SCSI Peripheral Interface
Advanced Technology AttachmentAdvanced Technology Attachment Interface with ExtensionsAndrew File System
ASATA-4AT Attachment Packet Interface
Attributed File Systemauxiliary storageaverage seek time
backing storeBernoulli Boxblocked records
Burst Extended Data Out DRAMBurst Static Random Access Memorycache coherency
cache conflictcache hitcache line
cache missCAMcard
Commodore 1010Commodore 1541Commodore 1570
Commodore 1571Commodore 1581Common Command Set
Compact DiscCompact Disc interactiveCompact Disc Read-Only Memory
Compact Disc RecordableCompact Disc RewritableCompact Disc writer
constant angular velocityconstant linear velocitycontent addressable memory
conventional memorycorecylinder
data redundancydata setdata set organization
data stripingDDDEADBEEF
DECtapeDigital Audio TapeDigital Linear Tape
Digital Versatile DiscDigital Versatile Disk Random Access Memorydisc
diskdisk controllerdisk drive
disk duplexingdisk mirroringDitto Drive
Double Data Rate Random Access MemoryDRAM refreshdrive
duDual In-line Memory ModuleDynamic Drive Overlay
dynamic random-access memoryECMElectrically Alterable Programmable Read-Only Memory
Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only MemoryElectronic Report ManagementEMM
EMM386Enhanced Small Disk InterfaceEOT
Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memoryerror correcting memoryerror detection and correction
Exabyteexpanded memoryexpanded memory manager
expanded memory page frameExpanded Memory SpecificationExtended Architecture
Extended Data Out Dynamic Random Access Memoryextended memoryextended memory manager
Extended Memory Specificationexternal memoryFast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory
ferrite core memoryFerroelectric Random Access MemoryFibre Channel
FileNetFilesystem Hierarchy Standardfish
fixed diskflapflash
flash driveFlash Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memoryflash memory
flat fileflippyfloppy disk
Grim File ReaperGroup Code RecordingGroup-Sweeping Scheduling
GSShard diskhard disk drive
hard sectorHead Disk Assemblyhigh memory area
Iomega CorporationISO 9660Jaz Drive
JolietjukeboxJust a Bunch Of Disks
laundromatLINCtapeLogical Block Addressing
Logical Unit Numberlongitudinal parityLongitudinal Redundancy Check
macrotapemagnetic diskmagnetic stripe
magnetic tapemagnetic tape drivemagneto-optical disk
magnetostrictive delay linemain memoryMask Read-Only Memory
master boot recordmaximum Maytag modemaximum seek time
memory locationmemory managementmercury delay line
microtapeMIIMini Disc
minifloppyminimum seek timemirror
MMCDModified Frequency ModulationMultiMedia Compact Disc
multiplexingNASNetwork Attached Storage
New Storage SystemNibble Mode DRAMNon Return to Zero Inverted
Non-Volatile Random Access Memorynon-volatile storageOne Time Programmable Read-Only Memory
OTPpacket writingpage in
page modePage Mode Dynamic Random Access Memorypage out
Parallel Advanced Technology Attachmentparityparity bit
parity errorPartial Response Maximum Likelihoodpartition
PATAPEPhase Encoded
photo CDPipeline Burst Cacheprecharge
presence detectProgrammable Read-Only Memorypunched card
QEMM386Quarter Inch CartridgeRambus DRAM
RAM diskrandom-access memoryRAS
Read-Only MemoryredundancyRedundant Array of Independent Disks
refreshremovable hard diskreserved memory
rotational latencyround tapeRow Address Strobe
Run Length Limitedrusty memorysave
save asscanSCANDISK
Scan-EDFscratch disksecondary storage
seekseek timeSerial Advanced Technology Attachment
Serial Storage ArchitectureSingle Data Rate Random Access MemorySingle In-line Memory Module
Small Outline DIMMSmartdriveSMS
solid-state storage devicesquare tapeST-506
stack loaderstatestatic
static random-access memorystiffystorage
Storage Area NetworkStorage Management Servicesstorage media
SuperDriveSynchronous Dynamic Random Access MemorySynchronous Graphics Random Access Memory
tablespacetrackTranslation Look-aside Buffer
twinningUniversal Disk Formatupper memory block
USB driveVertical Redundancy CheckVideo Compact Disc
video memoryvolatileVolume Table Of Contents
washing machineWindow Random Access Memoryword
working memoryWrite-Once Read-Manywrite protect
Zip Drive