storage entries

A20 handleraccess timeaddress
Address StrobeAdvanced Intelligent TapeAdvanced SCSI Peripheral Interface
Advanced Technology AttachmentAdvanced Technology Attachment Interface with ExtensionsAndrew File System
ASATA-4AT Attachment Packet Interface
Attributed File Systemauxiliary storageaverage seek time
backing storeBernoulli Boxblocked records
Burst Extended Data Out DRAMBurst Static Random Access Memorycache coherency
cache conflictcache hitcache line
cache missCAMcard
Commodore 1010Commodore 1541Commodore 1570
Commodore 1571Commodore 1581Common Command Set
Compact DiscCompact Disc interactiveCompact Disc Read-Only Memory
Compact Disc RecordableCompact Disc RewritableCompact Disc writer
constant angular velocityconstant linear velocitycontent addressable memory
conventional memorycopying garbage collectioncore
cylinderdata redundancydata set
data set organizationdata storagedata striping
Digital Audio TapeDigital Linear TapeDigital Versatile Disc
Digital Versatile Disk Random Access Memorydiscdisk
disk controllerdisk drivedisk duplexing
disk mirroringDitto DriveDouble Data Rate Random Access Memory
DRAM refreshdrivedu
Dual In-line Memory ModuleDynamic Drive Overlaydynamic random-access memory
ECMElectrically Alterable Programmable Read-Only MemoryElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
Electronic Report ManagementEMMEMM386
Enhanced Small Disk InterfaceEOTErasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
error correcting memoryerror detection and correctionExabyte
expanded memoryexpanded memory managerexpanded memory page frame
Expanded Memory SpecificationExtended ArchitectureExtended Data Out Dynamic Random Access Memory
extended memoryextended memory managerExtended Memory Specification
external memoryFast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memoryferrite core memory
Ferroelectric Random Access MemoryFibre ChannelFileNet
Filesystem Hierarchy Standardfishfixed disk
flapflashflash drive
Flash Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memoryflash memoryflat file
flippyfloppy diskfloptical
footprintformatGrim File Reaper
Group Code RecordingGroup-Sweeping SchedulingGSS
hard diskhard disk drivehard sector
Head Disk Assemblyhigh memory areaHIMEM
Hot FixIDEIomega Corporation
ISO 9660Jaz DriveJoliet
jukeboxJust a Bunch Of Diskslaundromat
LINCtapeLogical Block AddressingLogical Unit Number
longitudinal parityLongitudinal Redundancy Checkmacrotape
magnetic diskmagnetic stripemagnetic tape
magnetic tape drivemagneto-optical diskmagnetostrictive delay line
main memoryMask Read-Only Memorymaster boot record
maximum Maytag modemaximum seek timeMD
mediamemorymemory location
memory managementmercury delay linemicrotape
MIIMini Discminifloppy
minimum seek timemirrorMMCD
Modified Frequency ModulationMultiMedia Compact Discmultiplexing
NASNetwork Attached StorageNew Storage System
Nibble Mode DRAMNon Return to Zero InvertedNon-Volatile Random Access Memory
non-volatile storageOne Time Programmable Read-Only MemoryOTP
packet writingpage inpage mode
Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memorypage outParallel Advanced Technology Attachment
parityparity bitparity error
Partial Response Maximum LikelihoodpartitionPATA
PEPhase Encodedphoto CD
Pipeline Burst Cacheprechargepresence detect
Programmable Read-Only Memorypunched cardQEMM386
Quarter Inch CartridgeRambus DRAMRAM disk
random-access memoryRASRead-Only Memory
redundancyRedundant Array of Independent Disksrefresh
removable hard diskreserved memoryRFC 1094
RLDRAMRLLrotational latency
round tapeRow Address StrobeRun Length Limited
rusty memorysavesave as
scratch disksecondary storageseek
seek timeSerial Advanced Technology AttachmentSerial Storage Architecture
Single Data Rate Random Access MemorySingle In-line Memory ModuleSmall Outline DIMM
SmartdriveSMSsolid-state storage device
square tapeST-506stack loader
statestaticstatic random-access memory
stiffyStorage Area NetworkStorage Management Services
storage mediaSuperDriveSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memorytablespacetrack
Translation Look-aside BuffertwinningUniversal Disk Format
upper memory blockUSB driveVertical Redundancy Check
Video Compact Discvideo memoryvolatile
Volume Table Of Contentswashing machineWindow Random Access Memory
wordworking memoryWrite-Once Read-Many
write protectXXMS
zipZip Drive