storage entries

A20 handleraccess timeaddress
Address StrobeAdvanced Intelligent TapeAdvanced SCSI Peripheral Interface
Advanced Technology AttachmentAdvanced Technology Attachment Interface with ExtensionsAndrew File System
ASATA-4AT Attachment Packet Interface
Attributed File Systemauxiliary storageaverage seek time
backing storeBernoulli Boxblocked records
Burst Extended Data Out DRAMBurst Static Random Access Memorycache coherency
cache conflictcache hitcache line
cache missCAMcard
Commodore 1010Commodore 1541Commodore 1570
Commodore 1571Commodore 1581Common Command Set
Compact DiscCompact Disc interactiveCompact Disc Read-Only Memory
Compact Disc RecordableCompact Disc RewritableCompact Disc writer
constant angular velocityconstant linear velocitycontent addressable memory
conventional memorycorecylinder
data redundancydata setdata set organization
data storagedata stripingDD
DEADBEEFDECtapeDigital Audio Tape
Digital Linear TapeDigital Versatile DiscDigital Versatile Disk Random Access Memory
discdiskdisk controller
disk drivedisk duplexingdisk mirroring
Ditto DriveDouble Data Rate Random Access MemoryDRAM refresh
driveduDual In-line Memory Module
Dynamic Drive Overlaydynamic random-access memoryECM
Electrically Alterable Programmable Read-Only MemoryElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only MemoryElectronic Report Management
EMMEMM386Enhanced Small Disk Interface
EOTErasable Programmable Read-Only Memoryerror correcting memory
error detection and correctionExabyteexpanded memory
expanded memory managerexpanded memory page frameExpanded Memory Specification
Extended ArchitectureExtended Data Out Dynamic Random Access Memoryextended memory
extended memory managerExtended Memory Specificationexternal memory
Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memoryferrite core memoryFerroelectric Random Access Memory
Fibre ChannelFileNetFilesystem Hierarchy Standard
fishfixed diskflap
flashflash driveFlash Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
flash memoryflat fileflippy
floppy diskflopticalfootprint
formatGrim File ReaperGroup Code Recording
Group-Sweeping SchedulingGSShard disk
hard disk drivehard sectorHead Disk Assembly
high memory areaHIMEMHot Fix
IDEIomega CorporationISO 9660
Jaz DriveJolietjukebox
Just a Bunch Of DiskslaundromatLINCtape
Logical Block AddressingLogical Unit Numberlongitudinal parity
Longitudinal Redundancy Checkmacrotapemagnetic disk
magnetic stripemagnetic tapemagnetic tape drive
magneto-optical diskmagnetostrictive delay linemain memory
Mask Read-Only Memorymaster boot recordmaximum Maytag mode
maximum seek timeMDmedia
memorymemory locationmemory management
mercury delay linemicrotapeMII
Mini Discminifloppyminimum seek time
mirrorMMCDModified Frequency Modulation
MultiMedia Compact DiscmultiplexingNAS
Network Attached StorageNew Storage SystemNibble Mode DRAM
Non Return to Zero InvertedNon-Volatile Random Access Memorynon-volatile storage
One Time Programmable Read-Only MemoryOTPpacket writing
page inpage modePage Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory
page outParallel Advanced Technology Attachmentparity
parity bitparity errorPartial Response Maximum Likelihood
Phase Encodedphoto CDPipeline Burst Cache
prechargepresence detectProgrammable Read-Only Memory
punched cardQEMM386Quarter Inch Cartridge
Rambus DRAMRAM diskrandom-access memory
RASRead-Only Memoryredundancy
Redundant Array of Independent Disksrefreshremovable hard disk
reserved memoryRFC 1094RLDRAM
RLLrotational latencyround tape
Row Address StrobeRun Length Limitedrusty memory
savesave asscan
SCANDISKScan-EDFscratch disk
secondary storageseekseek time
Serial Advanced Technology AttachmentSerial Storage ArchitectureSingle Data Rate Random Access Memory
Single In-line Memory ModuleSmall Outline DIMMSmartdrive
SMSsolid-state storage devicesquare tape
ST-506stack loaderstate
staticstatic random-access memorystiffy
Storage Area NetworkStorage Management Servicesstorage media
SuperDriveSynchronous Dynamic Random Access MemorySynchronous Graphics Random Access Memory
tablespacetrackTranslation Look-aside Buffer
twinningUniversal Disk Formatupper memory block
USB driveVertical Redundancy CheckVideo Compact Disc
video memoryvolatileVolume Table Of Contents
washing machineWindow Random Access Memoryword
working memoryWrite-Once Read-Manywrite protect
Zip Drive