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1.TR.6Abstract Syntax Notation 1Address Resolution Protocol
Advanced Data Communications Control ProtocolAFPAppletalk
AppleTalk Data Stream ProtocolApplication Configuration Access ProtocolAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Asynchronous Balanced ModeAutomatic Network RoutingBasic Encoding Rules
Bell 103BERBinary Synchronous Transmission
bit stuffingBluetoothCanonical Encoding Rules
Cellular Digital Packet DataChallenge-Handshake Authentication ProtocolClover
Common Internet File SystemCommon Management Information Protocolconnectionless protocol
cookiecoordination languageDDM
Digital Subscriber LineDistributed Data ManagementDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
External Machine InterfaceFile Service ProtocolFinancial Information eXchange
FIXflow controlFormal Description Technique
G3Generic Routing Encapsulationgopher
Group 3Group 4High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
HL7Home Phoneline Networking AllianceHot Standby Routing Protocol
Hypertext Transfer ProtocolHyperText Transmission Protocol, SecureICMP Router Discovery Protocol
Independent Computing ArchitectureInternet Control Message ProtocolInternet Group Management Protocol
Internet Inter-ORB ProtocolInternet Message Access ProtocolInternet Open Trading Protocol
Internet Protocol version 4Internet Protocol version 6Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
Inverse Address Resolution ProtocolI-PayIPsec
ISO 9735Java Remote Method ProtocolK56flex
Knowledge Query and Manipulation LanguageLayer Two Tunneling ProtocolLightweight Directory Access Protocol
Link Access Protocol BalancedLink Control ProtocolLocal Area Terminal
Local Mail Transfer ProtocolLogical Link Control and Adaptation ProtocolLower Layer Protocol
Manchester encodingManufacturing Automation ProtocolMAP
Media Gateway Control ProtocolMessage Passing InterfaceMicrosoft Point to Point Encryption
MIME typeMusical Instrument Digital InterfaceNetBIOS Frames Control Protocol
NetBios over TCP/IPNetWare Link State ProtocolNetwork Information Service
Object ExchangeOpen Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway ProtocolOTP
Packed Encoding RulesPAPPAP
Point-to-Point ProtocolPoint-to-Point Protocol over EthernetPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
POP3Post Office ProtocolPrinter Access Protocol
protocol stackRDPReal Time Streaming Protocol
Real-Time Transport ProtocolReliable Data ProtocolRemote Desktop Protocol
remote monitoringRemote Reference LayerRemote Write Protocol
Resource Reservation ProtocolReverse Address Resolution ProtocolRFC 1171
RFC 1334RFC 1347RFC 1350
RFC 1475RFC 1526RFC 1531
RFC 1550RFC 1561RFC 2131
RFCOMMRouting Table Maintenance ProtocolRSVP
SAPScalable Coherent InterfaceSequenced Packet Exchange
Serial Line Internet ProtocolServer Message BlockService Discovery Protocol
Session Initiation ProtocolSignalling System 7Simple Gateway Control Protocol
simple multicast protocolSimple Network Management ProtocolSimple Network Management Protocol version 2
Simple Network Paging ProtocolSimple Object Access ProtocolSimplified Multicast Routing Protocol
Single-line Digital Subscriber LineSIPSlingshot
Smart Battery DataSMBSMB
SOAPSSLeaystart bit
Summary Object Interchange FormatSystem Management BusTCP/IP
Telocator Alphanumeric ProtocolTP/IXtransfer syntax
Transmission Control ProtocolTransport Layer Security protocolTUBA
TURNULPUniversal Computer Protocol
Universal Description, Discovery, and IntegrationUpper Layer ProtocolUser Datagram Protocol
V.22bisV.23V.27 ter
Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber LineV.FCWaZOO
Wireless Application ProtocolX2X.25
Xpress Transport ProtocolX protocolZMODEM