"Seque: A Programming Language for Manipulating Sequences", R.E. Griswold et al, Comp Langs 13(1):13-22 (1988).


1. Precursor to SQL.

["System R: Relational Approach to Database Management", IBM Res Lab, San Jose, reprinted in Readings in Database Systems].

2. U Leeds. Theorem prover specification language. Pattern matching notation similar to Prolog. Compiled into Lisp.

[Proc ICJAI 13].


A collection of related things in a specific order. In mathematics, numbers are represented as sequences of digits e.g. bits, decimal digits, hexadecimal digits, etc. There are also sequences of numbers where each number is related to previous numbers, e.g. the Fibonacci sequence. In computing the sequence of instructions that a computer follows when executing a program is called control flow; a sequence of characters is also known as a "(character) string" (e.g. an escape sequence); a sequence of images forms a video; a sound recording is an example of a sequence of samples of an analogue signal. In probability theory, a sequence of events can be described by a Markov chain.

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Sequenced Packet Exchange

<networking, protocol>

(SPX) A transport layer protocol built on top of IPX. SPX is used in Novell NetWare systems for communications in client/server application programs, e.g. BTRIEVE (ISAM manager).

SPX is not used for connections to the file server itself; this uses NCP. It has been extended as SPX-II. SPX/IPX perform equivalent functions to TCP/IP.

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Any system for recording and/or playback of music via a programmable memory which stores music not as audio data, but as some representation of notes. The most common modern usage of "sequencer" is to refer to systems (whether in software, or as a feature of devices like synthesizers or drum machines) that deal with MIDI data.

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A computer manufacturer.

Quarterly sales $109M, profits $7M (Aug 1994).

Sequent computers was acquired by IBM in 1999.


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sequential coding

<graphics, file format, algorithm>

The usual bitmap image data storage format or transmission algorithm where the resoluton is constant and later data adds only more area. This contrasts with progressive coding.

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sequential file matching

A programming technique that matches records in one sequential file with records in another sequential file. The records are accessed in the physical order in which they are stored.

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Sequential Parlog Machine

(SPM) The virtual machine (and its machine code) for the Parlog logic programming language.

["Parallel Logic Programming in PARLOG", Steve Gregory, Addison-Wesely, UK, 1987].

sequential processing


(Or "serial processing") Running a single task to completion on a single processor, in contrast to parallel processing or multitasking.

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