humour entries

any keyApril Fool's Jokeasbestos cork award
asbestos longjohnsas sensible as a dictionaryattoparsec
autopilot codebackward combatabilitybaklava code
banana problembarnacle codeBastard Operator From Hell
Bend Over, Here It Comes AgainBerzerkeleyBig Room
block transfer computationsBloombugBlue Screen of Death
brain fartBranch and HangBranch on Chip Box Full
C+-cargo cult programmingchug report
Church of the SubGeniuscode policecokebottle
COME FROMconsidered harmfulcontinental drift
Conway's Lawcounterbugcut-and-waste code
dancing frogdebugging an empty fileDilbert
dinosaurs matingdoctype decorationDon't do that then!
Dorito Syndromedrug reportDSU
Dwarf Storage Uniteat flaming deathEgyptian brackets
El Camino BignumElecting a PopeEOU
eraser stains codeEric Conspiracyesoteric programming language
Excalibur bugfat electronsfear-driven development
Fermat's Last PostFinagle's Lawfine adjuster
FISH queueFlash Lights ImpressivelyFlyspeck 3
friodegarbageabetical orderGarbage In, Garbage Out
ghetto codegilleyGodwin's Law
Green's TheoremHalt and Catch Firehate-driven development
Higgs BugsonHindenbughydra code
ICBM addressInfinite Monkey TheoremINTERCAL
IOJargon FileJEDR
Jenga Codekicking dead whales down the beachLambada-Calculus
LERlight-emitting resistorlike nailing jelly to a tree
lion foodlmgtfy.comload-bearing printf
Loch Ness Monster BugloveLubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology
magic smokeMarginal Hacksmaximum Maytag mode
MCSEmemory fartsmickey
millihelenMinesweeper, Chess, Solitaire ExpertMurphy's Law
nanoacrenastisticalneighborhood bike code
newsfroupNinety-Ninety Rulenotspot
notworkNP-hilariousNP tricky
objectfuscated codeObjectionable-Cohnosecond
Outside Awareness PortPEBCAKplokta
plug and prayPokémon exception handlingPretty Amazing New Stuff
Prisoner of BillProgrammer Brain DamageProgrammer's Cheer
psytonravioli codeReal Programmer
Real Programmers Don't Use PascalReal Soon Nowrefuctoring
rusty memorysame-day servicesausage code
scar tissue codescratch monkeyshrug report
smoke-emitting diodesmug reportSod's Law
spaghetti inheritancespaghetti with meatballs codesquare-headed girlfriend
stringly typedSwiss Army Codesystem mangler
tunafishUFO bugunary
UnicornyUser Brain DamageUse the Source Luke
Windows 94World-Wide Waitwrite-only memory