humour entries

!!!Batch*brainfuckADD 1 TO COBOL GIVING COBOL
AI koanany keyApril Fool's Joke
asbestos cork awardasbestos longjohnsas sensible as a dictionary
attoparsecautopilot codebackward combatability
baklava codebanana problembarnacle code
Bastard Operator From HellBend Over, Here It Comes AgainBerzerkeley
Big Roomblock transfer computationsBloombug
Blue Screen of Deathbogometerbogo-sort
BOHICAbrain fartBranch and Hang
Branch on Chip Box FullBroken As DesignedC+-
cargo cult programmingchug reportChurch of the SubGenius
code policecokebottleCOME FROM
considered harmfulcontinental driftConway's Law
counterbugcut-and-waste codecyberchondriac
cyberrheacyberspasticdancing frog
debugging an empty fileDilbertdinosaurs mating
doctype decorationDon't do that then!Dorito Syndrome
drug reportDSUDwarf Storage Unit
eat flaming deathEgyptian bracketsEl Camino Bignum
Electing a PopeEOUeraser stains code
Eric Conspiracyesoteric programming languageExcalibur bug
fat electronsfear-driven developmentFermat's Last Post
Finagle's Lawfine adjusterFISH queue
Flash Lights ImpressivelyFlyspeck 3friode
garbageabetical orderGarbage In, Garbage Outghetto code
gilleyGodwin's LawGreen's Theorem
Halt and Catch Firehate-driven developmentHiggs Bugson
Hindenbughydra codeICBM address
Infinite Monkey TheoremINTERCALIO
Jargon FileJEDRJenga Code
kicking dead whales down the beachLambada-CalculusLER
light-emitting resistorlike nailing jelly to a treelion food
lmgtfy.comload-bearing printfLoch Ness Monster Bug
loveLubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomologymagic smoke
Marginal Hacksmaximum Maytag modeMCSE
memory fartsmickeymillihelen
Minesweeper, Chess, Solitaire ExpertMurphy's Lawnanoacre
nastisticalneighborhood bike codenewsfroup
Ninety-Ninety Rulenotspotnotwork
NP-hilariousNP trickyobjectfuscated code
Objectionable-CohnosecondOutside Awareness Port
PEBCAKploktaplug and pray
Pokémon exception handlingPretty Amazing New StuffPrisoner of Bill
Programmer Brain DamageProgrammer's Cheerpsyton
ravioli codeReal ProgrammerReal Programmers Don't Use Pascal
Real Soon Nowrefuctoringrusty memory
same-day servicesausage codescar tissue code
scratch monkeyshrug reportsmoke-emitting diode
smug reportSod's Lawspaghetti inheritance
spaghetti with meatballs codesquare-headed girlfriendstringly typed
Swiss Army Codesystem manglertunafish
UFO bugunaryUnicorny
User Brain DamageUse the Source LukeWindows 94
World-Wide Waitwrite-only memory