humour entries

any keyApril Fool's Jokeasbestos cork award
asbestos longjohnsas sensible as a dictionaryattoparsec
autopilot codebackward combatabilitybaklava code
banana problembarnacle codeBastard Operator From Hell
Bend Over, Here It Comes AgainBerzerkeleyBig Room
block transfer computationsBloombugBlue Screen of Death
brain fartBranch and HangBranch on Chip Box Full
Broken As DesignedC+-cargo cult programming
chug reportChurch of the SubGeniuscode police
cokebottleCOME FROMconsidered harmful
continental driftConway's Lawcounterbug
cut-and-waste codecyberchondriaccyberrhea
cyberspasticdancing frogdebugging an empty file
Dilbertdinosaurs matingdoctype decoration
Don't do that then!Dorito Syndromedrug report
DSUDwarf Storage Uniteat flaming death
Egyptian bracketsEl Camino BignumElecting a Pope
EOUeraser stains codeEric Conspiracy
esoteric programming languageExcalibur bugfat electrons
fear-driven developmentFermat's Last PostFinagle's Law
fine adjusterFISH queueFlash Lights Impressively
Flyspeck 3friodegarbageabetical order
Garbage In, Garbage Outghetto codegilley
Godwin's LawGreen's TheoremHalt and Catch Fire
hate-driven developmentHiggs BugsonHindenbug
hydra codeICBM addressInfinite Monkey Theorem
JEDRJenga Codekicking dead whales down the beach
Lambada-CalculusLERlight-emitting resistor
like nailing jelly to a treelion
load-bearing printfLoch Ness Monster Buglove
Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomologymagic smokeMarginal Hacks
maximum Maytag modeMCSEmemory farts
mickeymillihelenMinesweeper, Chess, Solitaire Expert
Murphy's Lawnanoacrenastistical
neighborhood bike codenewsfroupNinety-Ninety Rule
NP trickyobjectfuscated codeObjectionable-C
ohnosecondOutside Awareness PortPEBCAK
ploktaplug and prayPokémon exception handling
Pretty Amazing New StuffPrisoner of BillProgrammer Brain Damage
Programmer's Cheerpsytonravioli code
Real ProgrammerReal Programmers Don't Use PascalReal Soon Now
refuctoringrusty memorysame-day service
sausage codescar tissue codescratch monkey
shrug reportsmoke-emitting diodesmug report
Sod's Lawspaghetti inheritancespaghetti with meatballs code
square-headed girlfriendstringly typedSwiss Army Code
system manglertunafishUFO bug
unaryUnicornyUser Brain Damage
Use the Source LukeWindows 94World-Wide Wait
write-only memory