humour entries

!!!Batch*brainfuckADD 1 TO COBOL GIVING COBOL
AI koanany keyApril Fool's Joke
asbestos cork awardasbestos longjohnsas sensible as a dictionary
attoparsecautopilot codebackward combatability
baklava codebanana problembarnacle code
Bastard Operator From HellBend Over, Here It Comes AgainBerzerkeley
Big Roomblock transfer computationsBloombug
Blue Screen of Deathbogometerbogo-sort
BOHICAbrain fartBranch and Hang
Branch on Chip Box FullBroken As DesignedC+-
cargo cult programmingchug reportChurch of the SubGenius
code policecokebottleCOME FROM
considered harmfulcontinental driftConway's Law
cosmic rayscounterbugcut-and-waste code
dancing frogdebugging an empty fileDilbert
dinosaurs matingdoctype decorationDon't do that then!
Dorito Syndromedrug reportDSU
Dwarf Storage Uniteat flaming deathEgyptian brackets
El Camino BignumElecting a PopeEOU
eraser stains codeEric Conspiracyesoteric programming language
Excalibur bugfat electronsfear-driven development
Fermat's Last PostFinagle's Lawfine adjuster
FISH queueFlash Lights ImpressivelyFlyspeck 3
friodegarbageabetical orderGarbage In, Garbage Out
ghetto codegilleyGodwin's Law
Green's TheoremHalt and Catch Firehate-driven development
Higgs BugsonHindenbughydra code
ICBM addressInfinite Monkey TheoremINTERCAL
IOJargon FileJEDR
Jenga Codekicking dead whales down the beachLambada-Calculus
LERlight-emitting resistorlike nailing jelly to a tree
lion foodlmgtfy.comload-bearing printf
Loch Ness Monster BugloveLubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology
magic smokeMarginal Hacksmaximum Maytag mode
MCSEmemory fartsmickey
millihelenMinesweeper, Chess, Solitaire ExpertMurphy's Law
nanoacrenastisticalneighborhood bike code
newsfroupNinety-Ninety Rulenotspot
notworkNP-hilariousNP tricky
nut loose on keyboardobjectfuscated codeObjectionable-C
ohnosecondOutside Awareness PortPEBCAK
ploktaplug and prayPokémon exception handling
Pretty Amazing New StuffPrisoner of BillProgrammer Brain Damage
Programmer's Cheerpsytonravioli code
Real ProgrammerReal Programmers Don't Use PascalReal Soon Now
refuctoringrusty memorysame-day service
sausage codescar tissue codescratch monkey
shrug reportsmoke-emitting diodesmug report
Sod's Lawspaghetti inheritancespaghetti with meatballs code
square-headed girlfriendstringly typedSwiss Army Code
system manglertunafishUFO bug
unaryUnicornyUser Brain Damage
Use the Source LukeWindows 94World-Wide Wait
write-only memory