A subset of C. The original compiler, written in C by Ron Cain, appeared in Dr. Dobb's Journal. James E. Hendrix improved and extended the original compiler and published "The Small-C Handbook". Both these compilers produced 8080 assembly code.

A Small-C compiler based on RatC produced 6502 assembly code for the BBC Microcomputer. It was written in Small-C and bootstrapped using Zorland C on an Amstrad PC1512 under MS-DOS 3.2, then transferred onto a BBC Micro using Kermit. The compiler can be used to cross-compile 6502 code from an MS-DOS host, or as a resident Small-C compiler on a BBC Micro. It runs on 68000, 6809, VAX, 8080, BBC Micro and Zilog Z80.

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["The Small-C Handbook," James Hendrix, Reston 1984, ISBN 0-8359-7012-4].

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