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.mailrc.newsrcaddress book
altalt.sourcesAndrew Message System
annoybotAutomated Retroactive Minimal Moderationbarfmail
Blind Carbon CopybtoaCancelmoose
Cancelpoodlecascadechannel op
Computer Mediated Communicationdiscussion groupdistribution
distributiondup loopelectronic magazine
electronic mailelectronic mail addresselectronic meeting
elmEMBLA Proemoticon
flame baitflame onflame war
forumforwardg file
hopHotlineHotline Connect
HotmailImminent Death Of The Net Predicted!inews
Internet Message Access ProtocolInternet Relay Chatircop
Java Message ServiceKeyboard CommandoKeyed-Hashing Message Authentication
letterbombline eaterListserv
Local Mail Transfer Protocollurkingmail
mail bombmailboxmail bridge
mail exchangerMail Exchange Recordmail exploder
mail filtermail gatewaymailing list
mail mergemail servermail server
mail user agentMail Users' ShellMajordomo
masqueradingMCI MailMessage Digest 5
Message Handling SystemMessage Transfer AgentMessaging Application Programming Interface
Microsoft ExchangeMicrosoft MailMTA
MTAMulti-channel Memorandum Distribution FacilityMultimedia Messaging Services
newsgroupnews readernn
NNTPNSA line eaterparent message
POP3postPost Office Protocol
primary management domainProfessional Office Systempull media
push mediaRFC 1081RFC 1321
RFC 1341RFC 1521RFC 1568
RFC 1730RFC 1756RFC 2045
RFC 2046RFC 2047RFC 2048
RFC 2049RFC 2060RFC 2061
RFC 821RFC 822Riordan's Internet Privacy Enhanced Mail
RMAILSecure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensionssendmail
sendmail.cfShort Message Servicesignature
sig quoteSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolSMS
snail mailsource routespam
spelling flamespimstore and forward
topic drifttopic threadtransfer
Unique ID ListingUnix to Unix CopyUsenet
VIMvoice mailweb mail
Windows Messagingwindows messagingwormhole routing