Chip Scale Packaging


(CSP) A type of surface mount integrated circuit packaging that provides pre-speed-sorted, pre-tested and pre-packaged die without requiring special testing. An example is Motorola's Micro SMT packaging.

See also: chip-on-board, flip chip, multichip module, known good die, ball grid array.

["Chip scale packaging gains at SMI. (Surface Mount International)", Bernard Levine, Electronic News (1991), Sept 4, 1995 v41 n2081 p1(2)].

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chip set


A collection of integrated circuits that are designed to be used together for some specific purpose. E.g. control circuitry in an IBM PC.

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Chips & Technologies


A former leading distributor and supplier of integrated circuits and software to personal computer manufacturers. As well as semiconductors they also made flat panel displays, video controllers and other computer related products.

In 1998, Intel Corporation bought Chips and Technologies for their flat panel controllers. In January 2000, Asiliant Technologies licensed the rights from Intel to continue to manufacturer and sell Chips and Technologies components.

Address: 2950 Zanker Road, San Jose, California 95134, USA.

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