A Scheme compiler written in C that emits C and is embeddable in C. Scheme-to-C was written by Joel Bartlett of Digital Western Research Laboratory. Version 15mar93 translates a superset of Revised**4 Scheme to C that is then compiled by the native C compiler for the target machine. This design results in a portable system that allows either stand-alone Scheme programs or programs written in both compiled and interpreted Scheme and other languages. It supports "expansion passing style" macros, foreign function calls, records, and interfaces to Xlib (Ezd and Scix).

Scheme-to-C runs on VAX, ULTRIX, DECstation, Alpha AXP OSF/1, Windows 3.1, Apple Macintosh 7.1, HP 9000/300, HP 9000/700, Sony News, SGI Iris and Harris Nighthawk, and other Unix-like 88000 systems. The earlier 01nov91 version runs on Amiga, SunOS, NeXT, and Apollo systems.

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