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The first MPEG format for compressed video, optimised for CD-ROM. MPEG-1 was designed for the transmission rates of about 1.5 Mbps achievable with Video-CD and CD-i.

It uses discrete cosine transform (DCT) and Huffman coding to remove spatially redundant data within a frame and block-based motion compensated prediction (MCP) to remove data which is temporally redundant between frames. Audio is compressed using subband encoding. These algorithms allow better than VHS quality video and almost CD quality audio to be compressed onto and streamed off a single speed (1x) CD-ROM drive.

MPEG encoding can introduce blockiness, colour bleed and shimmering effects on video and lack of detail and quantisation effects on audio.

The official name of MPEG-1 is International Standard IS-11172.

Last updated: 1999-01-06

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