1. A subset of ALGOL 60 with many ALGOL W extensions.

["BABEL, A New Programming Language", R.S. Scowen, National Physics Laboratory, UK, Report CCU7, 1969].

["Babel, an application of extensible compilers", R. S. Scowen, National Physical Laboratory, Proceedings of the international symposium on Extensible languages, Grenoble, France 1971-09-06,].

2. A language mentioned in "The Psychology of Computer Programming", G.M. Weinberg, Van Nostrand 1971, p.241.

3. A language based on higher-order functions and first-order logic.

["Graph-Based Implementation of a Functional Logic Language", H. Kuchen et al, Proc ESOP 90, LNCS 432, Springer 1990, pp. 271-290].

["Logic Programming with Functions and Predicates: The Language BABEL", Moreno-Navarro et al, J Logic Prog 12(3), Feb 1992].

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