sequential coding

<graphics, file format, algorithm>

The usual bitmap image data storage format or transmission algorithm where the resoluton is constant and later data adds only more area. This contrasts with progressive coding.

Last updated: 2000-09-12

sequential file matching

A programming technique that matches records in one sequential file with records in another sequential file. The records are accessed in the physical order in which they are stored.

Last updated: 1994-11-02

Sequential Parlog Machine

(SPM) The virtual machine (and its machine code) for the Parlog logic programming language.

["Parallel Logic Programming in PARLOG", Steve Gregory, Addison-Wesely, UK, 1987].

sequential processing


(Or "serial processing") Running a single task to completion on a single processor, in contrast to parallel processing or multitasking.

Last updated: 1995-04-23

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