Programmer's Cheer


 "Shift to the left!
 Shift to the right!
 Pop up, push down!
 Byte!  Byte!  Byte!"


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Last updated: 1996-10-13

Programmers Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System

(PHIGS) An ANSI/ISO standard. Worked on by the ISO/IEC group JTC1/SC24.

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Last updated: 1995-01-04

PROgrammer's Microapplication Language


(PROMAL) An interpreted C-like language from Systems Management Associates for MS-DOS, Commodore 64, and Apple II.

[Computer Language, Mar 1986, pp. 128-134].

Last updated: 1996-03-21

Programmer's Switch


A button on the front of some Apple Macintosh computers which, when pressed, causes a command line prompt to appear. This gives access to the built-in mini-debugger, which has commands to dump memory, return to the application that was broken out, and others. A more sophisticated debugger must be installed in order to inspect breakpoints, etc.

Last updated: 2000-11-01

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