/in-it'gaym/ [IRC] An IRC version of the venerable trivia game "20 questions", in which one user changes his nick to the initials of a famous person or other named entity, and the others on the channel ask yes or no questions, with the one to guess the person getting to be "it" next. As a courtesy, the one picking the initials starts by providing a 4-letter hint of the form sex, nationality, life-status, reality-status. For example, MAAR means "Male, American, Alive, Real" (as opposed to "fictional"). Initgame can be surprisingly addictive. See also hing.

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To give a variable its first value. This may be done automatically by some languages or it may require explicit code by the programmer. Some languages allow initialisation to be combined with variable definition, e.g. in C:

 int i = 0;

Failing to initialise a variable before using it is a common programming error, but one which compilers and automatic checkers like lint can easily detect.

Last updated: 1997-06-08

Initial Microprogram Load

<operating system>

(IML) Loading microcode into microcode memory.

Last updated: 1997-08-31

Initial Operational Test and Evaluation


(IOT&E) The first phase of operational test and evaluation conducted on pre-protectional items, prototypes, or pilot production items and normally completed prior to the first major production decision. Conducted to provide a valid estimate of expected system operational effectiveness and suitability.

Last updated: 1996-12-27

Initial Program Load

<operating system>

(IPL) The procedure used to (re-)start a computer system by copying the operating system kernel into main memory and running it. Part of the boot sequence.

Last updated: 1997-08-31

Initial Program Loader

<operating system>

(IPL) A bootstrap loader which loads the part of an operating system needed to load the remainder of the operating system.

Last updated: 1997-08-31


SCSI initiator

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