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A compiler and development tools for multi-platform, 16 and 32-bit applications. Watcom C/C++ 10.0 has an integrated development environment (IDE) and development tools. It includes the SOMobjects Toolkit to enable access to IBM's System Object Model (SOM) and Distributed System Object Model (DSOM). It supports 16 bit MS DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.x, OS/2 1.x, and 32 bit platforms including extended DOS, OS/2 2.x, Windows NT, Win32s, 32-bit Windows 3.x, Novell NLM and AutoCAD ADS/ADI.

Last updated: 1995-04-18

Watcom International


A provider of application development tools and IBM PC-based SQL database servers.

Founded in 1974, Watcom initially focused on scientific and engineering markets establishing itself as a supplier of programming and information tools worldwide, serving customers in 60 countries with highly regarded products such as WATFOR-77 for mainframes, minicomputers and PCs.

Since the introduction of Watcom C in 1988, the company has emerged as an industry leader in optimising compilers for 16 and 32-bit Intel-based IBM PCs.

Moving into the client/server market in 1992, Watcom introduced Watcom SQL, including SQL database servers for multi-user networks and single-user stand-alone applications. The product has since been incorporated into Powersoft's PowerBuilder development environment and the Powersoft Enterprise Series. In June, 1993, Watcom launched VX*REXX, an integrated visual development environment for OS/2.

In February 1994, Watcom became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Powersoft Corporation which merged with Sybase Inc. on 13 February 1995. Today the company addresses a broad range of application developers, including corporate MIS professionals, system integrators, VARs and independent software vendors.

Watcom has strategic relationships with IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, Intel and Novell. Based on its academic roots, Watcom maintains a research relationship with the nearby University of Waterloo.

Watcom's products include the Watcom SQL databases, Watcom C/C++, and Watcom VX*REXX 2.1.

Ian McPhee is President and Chief Executive Officer, David Boswell is Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Craig Dynes is Vice President of Finance and David Yach is Vice President of Development.

Headquarters: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Last updated: 1995-04-18

Watcom SQL

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A family of databases from Watcom International, based on scalable technology and a SQL database engine. Version 4.0 adds stored procedures and triggers. It is designed for environments ranging from large departmental networks with a diverse range of PC client systems, to peer-to-peer workgroups, to stand-alone PCs. It is available in stand-alone versions for Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, OS/2 and MS DOS; and multi-user network server versions for Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, OS/2, NetWare NLM and MS DOS.

Last updated: 1995-04-18

Watcom VX*REXX

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A visual development environment for creating OS/2 applications with graphical user interfaces. It includes a project management facility, visual designer and an interactive source level debugger. Version 2.1 introduced the VX*REXX Client/Server Edition for client/server GUI application development on OS/2 by incorporating database objects. Using IBM's DRDA support on OS/2, users can access DB2 for MVS, DB2/400 for AS/400, and DB2/VSE and VM (SQL/DS) for VM and VSE. Also supported are Watcom SQL and ODBC-enabled databases. Since the VX*REXX visual development environment is based on IBM's object-oriented SOM technology, VX*REXX applications are open and extensible through the addition of new SOM objects.

Last updated: 1995-04-18

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