Novell Data Systems


A small computer hardware company building CP/M Z80-based systems. They later went on to become Novell, Inc. and develop Novell Netware.

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Novell DOS

<operating system, product>

Novell's fully compatible alternative to MS-DOS. It is intended as an operating system for workstations on Novell networks. It features enhanced memory management that moves the operating system, network drivers, and memory-resident programs (TSRs) out of conventional memory on all systems with an Intel 80286 or later processor and extended memory or expanded memory. It supports preemptive multitasking and peer-to-peer networking using the same DOS Requester and VLMs for a "common client" with native Novell NetWare.

A data compression utility effectively doubles storage capacity of the hard disk. It supports disk defragmentation, a read/write disk cache for better performance of both DOS and Microsoft Windows application programs. An undelete utility recovers erased files, even on network drives. It has a complete on-line reference guide, command help, and menu-driven install and setup utilities for easy configuration changes.

Novell DOS has internal and external commands like MS-DOS. The following commands have been significantly enhanced in Novell DOS: CHKDSK, DISKCOPY, HELP, MEM, REPLACE, UNDELETE, and XCOPY. Novell DOS also includes many new commands such as XDIR, CURSOR, XDEL, TOUCH, SCRIPT, and RENDIR.

Version: 7.

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Novell, Inc.

<company, networking>

A software development company specialising in networking and workgroup applications.

Novell started life as Novell Data Systems, a computer hardware business. The company was reorganised as Novell, Inc., and began to focus almost entirely on networking in 1983, with the release of Novell Netware 1, a Network Operating System for IBM PCs.

Novell Netware's success has left Novell in a dominant position in the networking market. The product has evolved and now supports many hardware and software platforms together with WAN connectivity.

The company has diversified in recent years, with the acquisition of several mainstream applications, including Wordperfect and Quattro Pro. Other products include UnixWare, AppWare, Personal NetWare, Groupwise and Novell Dos 7.

(21 Sept 1995)

Novell NetWare

<operating system, networking>

Novell, Inc.'s proprietary networking operating system for the IBM PC.

NetWare uses the IPX/SPX, NetBEUI or TCP/IP network protocols. It supports MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, OS/2, Macintosh and Unix clients. NetWare for Unix lets users access Unix hosts.

NetWare 2.2 is a 16-bit operating system, versions 4.x and 3.x are 32-bit operating systems.

Usenet newsgroup: comp.sys.novell.

["Netware", K. Siyan, pub. New Riders].

[LAN Magazine, Sep 1993].

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