Watcom VX*REXX

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A visual development environment for creating OS/2 applications with graphical user interfaces. It includes a project management facility, visual designer and an interactive source level debugger. Version 2.1 introduced the VX*REXX Client/Server Edition for client/server GUI application development on OS/2 by incorporating database objects. Using IBM's DRDA support on OS/2, users can access DB2 for MVS, DB2/400 for AS/400, and DB2/VSE and VM (SQL/DS) for VM and VSE. Also supported are Watcom SQL and ODBC-enabled databases. Since the VX*REXX visual development environment is based on IBM's object-oriented SOM technology, VX*REXX applications are open and extensible through the addition of new SOM objects.

Last updated: 1995-04-18

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