A simple tree parser generator by Terence Parr <[email protected]>.

SORCERER is suitable for translation problems lying between those solved by code generator generators and by full source-to-source translator generators. SORCERER generates simple, flexible, top-down, tree parsers that, in contrast to code generators, may execute actions at any point during a tree walk. SORCERER accepts extended BNF notation, allows predicates to direct the tree walk with semantic and syntactic context information, and does not rely on any particular intermediate form, parser generator, or other pre-existing application.

SORCERER is included in the Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set.

Version: 1.00B

E-mail: <[email protected]> ("e-mail sor.tar.Z.uu" in subject).

Mailing list: [email protected] (message body: "subscribe pccts-users YOUR-NAME", where YOUR-NAME can be your name or e-mail address).

Last updated: 1994-02-15

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