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(mg) A Public Domain Emacs-style editor modified from MicroEmacs to be more compatible with GNU Emacs. mg is essentially free, it is not associated with the GNU project, and does not have the GNU copyright restrictions. It is a small, fast, portable editor for people who can't run real Emacs thing for one reason or another. It has few if any of the MicroEmacs features that were incompatible with GNU Emacs and adds missing features that seemed essential.

MicroGnuEmacs is derived from, and aims to replace, v30 of MicroEmacs, the latest version from the original MicroEmacs author Dave Conroy. The chief contributors were Mike Meyer <[email protected]>, Mic Kaczmarczik <[email protected]>, Bob Larson, and Dave Brower <[email protected]>.

mg version 1a of 1986-11-16 works with 4.2BSD, 4.3BSD, Ultrix-32, OS9/68k, VMS, Amiga, System V, Eunice. It is included in base OpenBSD. It should also support MS-DOS, PC-DOS and the Rainbow.


Last updated: 2007-05-25

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