Constraint Logic Programming (Real) A constraint logic programming language with real arithmetic constraints developed by Joxan Jaffar <[email protected]> of IBM TJWRC and S. Michaylov of Monash University in 1986.

The implementation contains a byte-code compiler and a built-in constraint solver which deals with linear arithmetic and contains a mechanism for delaying nonlinear constraints until they become linear. Since CLP(R) is a superset of PROLOG, the system is also usable as a general-purpose logic programming language. There are also powerful facilities for meta programming with constraints.

Significant CLP(R) applications have been published in diverse areas such as molecular biology, finance and physical modelling.

Version 1.2 for Unix, MS-DOS and OS/2 is available from the authors. It is free for academic and research purposes.

E-mail: Roland Yap <[email protected]>.

["The CLP(R) Language and System", J. Jaffar et al, IBM RR RC16292 (#72336), Nov 1990].

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