networking entries

100BaseFX     100BaseT     100BaseTX     100BaseVG     10base2     10base5     10baseT     1.TR.6     3Com Corporation     3Station     6to4     802.11a     802.11b     802.11g     AARP probe packets     ABP     accept     Acceptable Use Policy     Access Control List     access method     access point     accounting management     Active Measurement Project     Active Monitor     ad     address     address mask     address resolution     Address Resolution Protocol     adjacency     Administration Management Domain     administrative distance     Administrative Domain     Advanced Communication Function/Network Control Program     Advanced Communications Function     Advanced Network Systems Architecture     Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking     Advanced Program-to-Program Communications     Advanced Research Projects Agency Network     ae     af     ag     agent     aggregator     ai     Aimnet     al     alias     Aloha     Aloha Net     Alternating bit protocol     am     Aminet     AMP     an     anonymous FTP     ANSI Z39.50     ao     Apple Address Resolution Protocol     Apple Attachment Unit Interface     Appletalk     AppleTalk Filing Protocol     application layer     Application Protocol Data Unit     Application Service Element     application service provider     aq     ar     Arcade     archie     archive     archive site     ARCnet     Artisoft, Inc.     AS     as     ASE     ASP     Association Control Service Element     at     ATM Forum     Attachment Unit Interface     au     AUI     Autonomous System     Autonomous System Number     aw     az     ba     babbling error     backbone     backbone cabal     backoff     Backup Domain Controller     Basic Service Set     bb     bd     be     Berkeley Internet Name Domain     best effort     bf     bg     bh     bi     big-endian     bindery     binding handle     BITNET     BitTorrent     bj     bm     bn     bo     bot     BottomFeeder     br     bridge     broadcast storm     bs     BSS     bt     bus     bus network     bv     bw     by     bz     ca     CAP     CAPI     cascade     cc     CCS     cd     CDR     cell     cf     cg     ch     Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol     cheapernet     Chernobyl packet     Christmas tree packet     ci     CIS     CIX     ck     cl     class     Classless Inter-Domain Routing     Client To Client Protocol     Clos network     cm     cn     CNAME     co     collision     collision detection     co-location     Columbia AppleTalk Package     com     Commercial Internet eXchange     Committed Information Rate     Common Architecture for Next Generation Internet Protocol     Common Communication Services     Common ISDN Application Programming Interface     Common Management Information Services     COMNET     Competitive Access Provider     Compressed SLIP     connect     connection-oriented     connection-oriented network service     constant mapping     converged network     Cooperative Information System     coordination language     country code     cr     CRM     CTCP     cu     cutover     cut-through switching     cv     cx     cy     cybersex     cyber-squatting     cz     daisy chain     Datakit     Data Link Connection Identifier     data link layer     Data Link Provider Interface     Data Link Switching     Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification     DCC     de     default route     De-Militarised Zone     Department of Defense Network     Digital Equipment Corporation Network     Digital Subscriber Line Access Module     Direct Client to Client Protocol     directory service     disclaimer     diskless workstation     Distributed Queue Dual Bus     dj     dk     DLL     DLUR/DLUS     dm     do     domain     domain address     domain handle     Domain Name System     DOS requester     dot notation     dual-homed     dual-stack     dynamic routing     dz     EARN     ec     edu     ee     EFNet     eg     eh     Emulator program     Enterprise Systems CONnectivity     ephemeral port     er     es     et     Ethernet     Ethernet address     Ethernet Private Line     EtherTalk     European Academic and Research Network     Fast Ethernet     fat client     Federal Information Exchange     fi     Fiber Optic InterRepeater Link     Fibre Channel     file transfer     Filtabyte     firehose syndrome     firewall machine     FIX     fj     fk     flap     flapping router     fm     fo     fr     fragmentation     frame     FreePPP     FSM     FTP server     full-duplex Switched Ethernet     fully qualified domain name     fx     ga     gateway     gb     gd     ge     GE Information Services     Generic Routing Encapsulation     gf     gh     gi     gl     gm     gn     GNUS     Go Back N     Godzillagram     gopher     Gopher client     Gopherspace     gov     Government OSI Profile     gp     gq     gr     Groupwise     gs     gt     gu     gw     gy     H.261     Habitat     handle     Harvest     heartbeat     hello packet     heterogeneous network     HFC     High-level Data Link Control     High Performance Routing     hk     hm     hn     Home Phoneline Networking Alliance     hop     host     host number     hosts file     hr     ht     hu     hub     Hubnet     Hybrid Fiber Coax     Hytelnet     ICBM address     id     {IDF}     ie     IEEE 802     IEEE 802.1     IEEE 802.3     IEEE 802.3u     IEEE 802.3z     IEEE 802.4     il     IMP     in     inetd     Information Infrastructure Task Force     int     Interface Message Processor     Intermediate Distribution Frame     Intermediate System     Intermediate System-Intermediate System     Internet     internet     Internet Access Provider     Internet Adapter     internet address     Internet Assigned Numbers Authority     Internet backbone     Internet Chess Server     Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers     Internet Engineering Task Force     Internet Go Server     Internet Network Information Center     Internet Protocol     Internet Protocol Control Protocol     Internet Protocol version 4     Internet Protocol version 6     Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol     Internet Service Provider     Internetwork Packet eXchange     Internet Worm     inter-packet gap     intranet     Inverse Address Resolution Protocol     io     IP address     ipconfig     Iperf     IPsec     IPXCP     iq     IR     ir     is     it     jabber     JANET IP Service     Jini     jm     jo     jp     KA9Q     ke     kg     kh     ki     km     kn     Knowbot Information Service     kp     kr     kw     ky     kz     la     label     label edge router     Label Forwarding Information Base     label switched path     label switching     Label Switching Router     Lan Kanal Adapter     LANtastic     LaQuey     lb     lc     leased line     leech     LER     li     Link State Routing Protocol     lk     local area network     LocalTalk     Logical Link Control     Logical Unit     Logical Unit 6.2     logon     Low Bandwidth X     Lower Layer Protocol     lr     ls     LSR     lt     lu     lv     ly     ma     MacPPP     MacTCP     Main Distribution Frame     Management Information Base     masquerading     maximum segment size     Maximum Transmission Unit     mc     md     media     Media Access Control     Media Access Unit     Media Converter     mg     mh     Microsoft Networking     mil     Minnesota Internet Users Essential Tool     Minuet     mirror site     mk     ml     mm     mn     mo     mp     MPLS domain     mq     mr     ms     mt     mu     Multiple Access with Colision Avoidance     Multiprotocol Label Switching     mv     mw     mx     my     mz     na     Nagling Coalescence     named     name resolution     naming convention     narrowband     NAS     nastygram     NAU     nc     NCP     ne     net     net.-     netburp     netiquette     netlag     netmask     NetNanny     netpipes     Netscape Navigator     netstat     NetWare Core Protocol     Netware Directory Services     Netware Input/Output Subsystem     NetWare Link State Protocol     network     network address     Network Addressable Unit     Network Address Translation     Network Application Support     Network Attached Storage     network byte order     network closet     Network Device Interface Specification     Network File System     Network Information Service     network interface controller     network layer     network layer reachability information     network management     network meltdown     network node     Network Node Interface     network operating system     network redirector     network segment     network, the     network topology     network transparency     nf     ng     ni     NIC     NIC.DDN.MIL     nl     NLP     no     NORDUnet     notspot     notwork     Novell, Inc.     Novell NetWare     np     nr     nslookup     NSS     nu     nym     nz     octet     om     Open Data-link Interface     Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol     Open Systems Interconnection     OpenTransport     Optical Carrier 12     Optical Carrier 3     Optical Carrier 48     Optical Carrier n     org     OSI     pa     packet driver     packet sniffer     PAP     Parallel Virtual Machine     Password Authentication Protocol     PAT     path     PCB     pe     peer     peer-to-peer     Pegasus     PER     Permanent Virtual Circuit     Personal Communication Network     pf     pg     ph     physical addressing     physical layer     ping     ping-flood     pipe     pk     pl     plonk     pm     pn     podcast     Point Of Contact     Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM     port     Port Address Translation     portmapper     pr     presentation layer     Primary Domain Controller     Printer Access Protocol     Prodigy     promiscuous mode     protocol analyser     protocol converter     protocol layer     proxy     proxy ARP     proxy server     PSK     pt     PVC     pw     py     qa     quality of service     quiesce     rcp     re     Real Time Streaming Protocol     red zone     registered port     remote login     Remote Operations Service Element     Remote Procedure Call     repeater     replication     resolution     resolver     Reverse Address Resolution Protocol     RFC 1014     RFC 1034     RFC 1035     RFC 1057     RFC 1058     RFC 1094     RFC 1112     RFC 1119     RFC 1123     RFC 1157     RFC 1208     RFC 1213     RFC 1267     RFC 1268     RFC 1304     RFC 1334     RFC 1347     RFC 1350     RFC 1388     RFC 1436     RFC 1441     RFC 1442     RFC 1443     RFC 1444     RFC 1445     RFC 1446     RFC 1447     RFC 1448     RFC 1449     RFC 1450     RFC 1451     RFC 1452     RFC 1475     RFC 1520     RFC 1526     RFC 1531     RFC 1550     RFC 1561     RFC 1591     RFC 1630     RFC 1661     RFC 1700     RFC 1701     RFC 1702     RFC 1707     RFC 1777     RFC 1778     RFC 1795     RFC 1823     RFC 1825     RFC 1831     RFC 1861     RFC 1959     RFC 1960     RFC 2068     RFC 2093     RFC 2131     RFC 2236     RFC 2246     RFC 2281     RFC 2543     RFC 2795     RFC 2821     RFC 3232     RFC 4213     RFC 792     RFC 826     RFC 854     RFC 903     RFC 908     RFC 959     RG58     RG8     rib site     ring network     RIP     rlogin     RMON     ro     root bridge     route     routed     routeing     routeing domain     router     Routing Information Protocol     routing policy     ru     rw     rwho     sa     SAINT     Samba     SAP     SAPI     SASL     sb     sc     sd     se     Secure Sockets Layer     Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool     Security Association     Security Association ID     segment     segmentation     Sequenced Packet Exchange     serve     service     Service Access Point     Service Advertising Protocol     Service Set Identifier     session     session layer     set-top box     sg     sh     shockwave     si     signal-to-noise ratio     Simple Authentication and Security Layer     sj     sk     sl     sliding-window     Slingshot     SLiRP     sm     sn     SNMP agent     so     SOA     socket     Software Description Database     sorcerer's apprentice mode     spanning tree algorithm     spray     SPX     sr     SSH File Transfer Protocol     SSL     SSLeay     st     star network     start of authority     Station Management     STD 13     STD 2     stub     sv     SVC     Sweden     switch     Switched Multimegabit Data Service     switched virtual connection     switching     switching hub     sy     Synchronous Optical NETwork     synflood     Systems Network Architecture     sz     talk     tc     td     TELEPAC     TERM     Terminal Access Controller     Terminal Adaptor     Terms Of Service     tf     tg     th     The Microsoft Network     thin client     Time Domain Reflectometer     tj     tk     tm     tn     to     toasternet     token bus     top-level domain     topology     TOS     tp     TP/IX     tr     traceroute     transceiver     transfer syntax     Transmission Control Protocol     Transport Driver Interface     transport layer     Transport Layer Interface     Transport Layer Security protocol     Transport Service Access Point     Trivial File Transfer Protocol     tt     TUBA     tunnelling     Tuxedo     tv     tw     twisted pair only     TYMNET     tz     ua     ug     uk     um     Undernet     UNI     unicast     Universal Naming Convention     Unix to Unix Copy     upstream     us     Usenetter     User Network Interface     uy     uz     va     Value Added Network     vampire tap     vanity domain     vc     ve     Vendor Independent Messaging     vg     vi     vines     virtual circuit     Virtual Circuit Identifier     virtual connection     virtual host     Virtual LAN     Virtual Loadable Module     Virtual Local Area Network     virtual path     Virtual Private Network     VLM     vn     vu     warchalk     well-known port     wf     Wide Area Information Servers     Wide Area Network     Wideband ATM     wi-fi     Wi-Fi Protected Access     Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key     Windows Internet Naming Service     Windows NT Network Model     Windows sockets     wireless     wireless hotspot     wireless local area network     World-Wide Web     worm     ws     X.500     XEROX Network Services     Xerox Network System     Xpress Transport Protocol     X protocol     ye     yt     YTalk     yu     za     zm     zr     zw