1930 MHz, each divided into

24 time slots of 10ms, and twelve full-duplex accesses per carrier, for a total of 120 possible combinations.

A DECT base station (an RFP, Radio Fixed Part) can transmit all 12 possible accesses (time slots) simultaneously by using different frequencies or using only one frequency. All signaling information is transmitted from the RFP within a multiframe (16 frames). Voice signals are digitally encoded into a 32 kbit/s signal using Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation.

The handover process is requested autonomously by the portable terminal and the Radio Fixed Parts, according to the carrier signal levels. A "Generic Access Profile" defines a minimum set of requirements for the support of speech telephony.


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1930 MHz, each divided intotation (an RFP, Radio Fixed Part) can transmit

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