hardware entries

431A5th Glove6501
Accelerated Graphics Portacceleratoraccess time
acoustic coupleractive matrix displayActive Reconfiguring Message
Advanced Configuration and Power InterfaceAdvanced Power ManagementAdvanced RISC Computing Specification
Advanced Technology AttachmentAdvanced WavEffectaliasing
American Wire Gaugeanalogue computerany key
Apple Attachment Unit Interfaceapplication serverApplication-Specific Integrated Circuit
ARMarrow keyAsynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
AthlonATXAutomatic Send Receive
Baby ATbackplanebackside cache
barrel shifterbase memorybay
beamerBiCMOSbidirectional printing
binary counterbiometricsbitmap display
bit-paired keyboardbits per pixelblitter
BNCboustrophedonicbraille display
bridgeburn-incable modem
CASCategory 3Category 5
cathode ray tubecationic cocktailCentronics
Ceramic Pin Grid Arraychad boxChadless keypunch
channel service unit/data service unitchiclet keyboardchip creep
Chip Scale Packagingchip setChristmas tree
coaxial cableColor Graphics Adaptercolour palette
Column Address StrobeCommunication and Network Risercommunications port
complex programmable logic deviceconsolecontent addressable memory
Control and Status Registercontrollercoupling
CyberGloveCyberWanddatabase machine
Data Communication Equipmentdata gloveData Jack
Data Terminal EquipmentdaughterboardDB-25
DE-9DECtapedifferential driver
differential linedigital cameradigital carrier
Digital Equipment CorporationDigital Subscriber Line Access ModuleDIN-8
diodeDirect-Access Storage DeviceDirectX
disk controllerdisk drivedisk duplexing
disk mirroringdisplaydisplay standard
Ditto Drivedocking stationdongle
dot matrix printerdot pitchDPMS
D-shell connectorD-typeD-type flip-flop
Dual In-LineDual In-Line Packagedumb terminal
effective number of bitsElectromagnetic CompatibilityElectrostatic Discharge
encoderEnhanced Capabilities PortEnhanced Graphics Adapter
enhanced parallel portEnhanced Small Disk InterfaceEnigma
EV6expansion cardexpansion slot
Extended Capabilities PorteXtended Graphics ArrayExtended Video Graphics Array
eXtended Video Graphics ArrayFast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access MemoryFast SCSI
feature keyFibre Channel-Arbitrated Loopfield emission display
field-programmable gate arrayFiltabyteFlex
Flip Chip Pin Grid Arrayflip-flopfloating-point accelerator
Floating-Point Unitfloppy diskfloptical
footprintform factorFPA
frameframe bufferframe grabber
friedfront side busFUBAR
function keyG3GAL
gamma correctiongategender mender
Generic Array LogicGraphic Display Interfacegraphics accelerator
graphics adaptorGray codeGunning Transceiver Logic
hamsterhaptic interfacehardware
hardware circular bufferhardware registerHC-900
Head Disk Assemblyheat sinkheat slug
HFChigh colourHigh Performance Parallel Interface
High Performance Serial BusHigh Speed ConnectHigh-speed Net Connect
high speed serial interfaceHigh Voltage Differentialhome
home keyshorizontal scan rateHost Control Interface
hot swappingHuman-Computer InteractionHuman-Computer Interface
Human Interface DevicehydrofluorocarbonIBM 3270
IBM 3720ICIEEE 488
infant mortalityInformation Applianceinkjet printer
input deviceintelligent terminalinterlacing
isometric joystickJaz DriveJK flip-flop
keykeyboardKeyboard Send Receive
Keyboard Video Mousekeypadlaser
LIFlight penline
liquid crystal displayLisp Machinelocal bus
loudspeakerLow Insertion ForceLow Voltage Differential
magneto-optical diskMemory Management Unitmicrochip art
microelectromechanical systemmicrophoneMicrosoft IntelliMouse Explorer
microtapeMicrowave Hardware Description Languagemind mouse
modemmoduleMonochrome Display Adapter
motherboardmousemouse mat
Multi-Color Graphics Arraymultiplex printermultiscan
multisyncMultisystem eXtention Interface BusMusical Instrument Digital Interface
Network Device Interface Specificationnetwork interface controllerNIC
NLXnull modemnumeric keypad
optical disk driveOptical Mark Readeroptical mouse
Optical Time Domain Reflectometeroutput deviceoverclocking
page modePage Mode Dynamic Random Access Memorypager
PALpaper tapeparallel port
passive matrix displayPCPC-7150
PCBPCI Mezzanine CardPCI slot
PDSperipheralPeripheral Component Interconnect
persistencePersonal Computer Memory Card International AssociationPGA
PICPin Grid Arraypin-out
Pipeline Burst CachePlastic Pin Grid ArrayPlaystation
plenum cableplotterpoint
pointing devicepoint of sale terminalpolyvinyl chloride
power cyclepower-on resetpower-on self-test
power supply unitPRAMprimary cache
printed circuit boardprinter portProcessor Direct Slot
program counterProgrammable Array LogicProgrammable Logic Controller
Programmer's Switchprotocol analyserpurple wire
PVCQWERTYRadio-frequency identification
Radio Frequency InterferenceRandom Access Memory Digital-to-Analog ConverterRAS
rasterraster blasterred wire
refreshrefresh rateReliability, Availability, Serviceability
ribbon cableright-clickRJ-11
RJ-45root bridgerotational latency
RTLrusty ironS3
SB AWE32SBusScalable Coherent Interface
scan lineSCIscreen
SCSI adaptorSCSI IDSCSI initiator
SCSI reconnectSCSI targetsensor
Serial Peripheral Interfaceserial portserver room
shielded twisted pairshort cardSingle Connection Attach
Single Edge ContactSingle Edge Contact CartridgeSingle Edge Processor Package
Single Electron Tunneling Technologysingle endedSingle Inline Pin Package
sleepSlot 1Slot 2
Slot ASmall Computer System Interfacesmart
Smart Battery DataSMBSnappy Video Snapshot
Socket 370Socket 7Socket 8
Sound Blasterspace barspeaker
SPISR flip-flopstack loader
Staggered Pin Grid Arraystepper motorsubstrate
Super 7Super Video Graphics ArraySVGA
SVGA monitorSyQuest Technology, Inc.System/370
System Management BusSystem Management Modesystem unit
tagged queueingtall cardtape head
TeleratTelescope User InterfaceTeletype
teletypewritertelevisionTelevision Interface Adaptor
terminalTerminal Access ControllerTerminal Adaptor
thick film dielectric electroluminescenceTIATime Domain Reflectometer
TNCtouchpadtouch screen
tracker ballTrackPointtri state
ttytubeTunny Emulator
twisted pairUltra64Ultra-SCSI
Uninterruptible Power SupplyUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/TransmitterUniversal Serial Bus
unshielded twisted pairvampire tapVersa Module Europa
vertical refresh ratevertical scan rateVery Large Scale Integration
VESA Local BusVGAVideo Graphics Array
video random-access memoryVisual Display UnitVME
vt100vt220wall plate
wavetablewebcamWhite Book
White book CD-ROMwhite trashWide SCSI
winchesterWindow Random Access Memorywrats nest
x86 processor socketXT bus architectureX terminal
Zero Insertion ForceZip Drive