hardware entries

431A5th Glove6501
Accelerated Graphics Portacceleratoraccess time
acoustic coupleractive matrix displayActive Reconfiguring Message
Advanced Configuration and Power InterfaceAdvanced Power ManagementAdvanced RISC Computing Specification
Advanced Technology AttachmentAdvanced WavEffectaliasing
American Wire Gaugeanalogue computerany key
Apple Attachment Unit Interfaceapplication serverApplication-Specific Integrated Circuit
ARMarrow keyAsynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
AthlonATXAutomatic Send Receive
Baby ATbackplanebackside cache
barrel shifterbase memorybay
beamerBiCMOSbidirectional printing
binary counterbiometricsbitmap display
bit-paired keyboardbits per pixelblitter
blue boxBNCboustrophedonic
braille displaybridgeburn-in
cable modemCAM-PCcard
CardbusCASCategory 3
Category 5cathode ray tubecationic cocktail
CentronicsCeramic Pin Grid Arraychad box
Chadless keypunchchannel service unit/data service unitchiclet keyboard
chip creepChip Scale Packagingchip set
Christmas treeclickClipper
CMCcoaxial cableColor Graphics Adapter
colour paletteColumn Address StrobeCommunication and Network Riser
communications portcomplex programmable logic deviceconsole
content addressable memorycontrolControl and Status Register
control keycontrollercopper
database machineData Communication Equipmentdata glove
Data JackData Terminal Equipmentdaughterboard
differential driverdifferential linedigital camera
digital carrierDigital Equipment CorporationDigital Subscriber Line Access Module
DIN-8diodeDirect-Access Storage Device
DirectXdisk controllerdisk drive
disk duplexingdisk mirroringdisplay
display standardDitto Drivedocking station
dongledot matrix printerdot pitch
DPMSD-shell connectorD-type
D-type flip-flopDual In-LineDual In-Line Package
dumb terminalDvorakECL
EDS+effective number of bitsElectromagnetic Compatibility
Electrostatic DischargeempegEMU8000
encodeencoderEnhanced Capabilities Port
Enhanced Graphics Adapterenhanced parallel portEnhanced Small Disk Interface
EnigmaEV6expansion card
expansion slotExtended Capabilities PorteXtended Graphics Array
Extended Video Graphics ArrayeXtended Video Graphics ArrayFast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory
Fast SCSIfeature keyFibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop
field emission displayfield-programmable gate arrayFiltabyte
FlexFlip Chip Pin Grid Arrayflip-flop
floating-point acceleratorFloating-Point Unitfloppy disk
flopticalfootprintform factor
FPAframeframe buffer
frame grabberfriedfront side bus
FUBARfunction keyG3
GALgamma correctiongate
gender menderGeneric Array LogicGraphic Display Interface
graphics acceleratorgraphics adapterGray code
Gunning Transceiver Logichamsterhaptic interface
hardwarehardware circular bufferhardware register
HC-900Head Disk Assemblyheat sink
heat slugHFChigh colour
High Performance Parallel InterfaceHigh Performance Serial BusHigh Speed Connect
High-speed Net Connecthigh speed serial interfaceHigh Voltage Differential
homehome keyshorizontal scan rate
Host Control Interfacehot swappingHuman-Computer Interaction
Human-Computer InterfaceHuman Interface Devicehydrofluorocarbon
IBM 3270IBM 3720IC
IEEE 488infant mortalityInformation Appliance
inkjet printerinput deviceintelligent terminal
interlacingisometric joystickJaz Drive
JK flip-flopjoystickjukebox
Keyboard Send ReceiveKeyboard Video Mousekeypad
laserLIFlight pen
lineliquid crystal displayLisp Machine
local busloudspeakerLow Insertion Force
Low Voltage Differentialmagneto-optical diskMemory Management Unit
microchip artmicroelectromechanical systemmicrophone
Microsoft IntelliMouse ExplorermicrotapeMicrowave Hardware Description Language
mind mousemirrorMockingboard
Monochrome Display Adaptermotherboardmouse
mouse matMulti-Color Graphics Arraymultiplex printer
multiscanmultisyncMultisystem eXtention Interface Bus
Musical Instrument Digital InterfaceNetwork Device Interface Specificationnetwork interface controller
NICNLXnull modem
numeric keypadoptical computingoptical disk drive
Optical Mark Readeroptical mouseOptical Time Domain Reflectometer
output deviceoverclockingpage mode
Page Mode Dynamic Random Access MemorypagerPAL
paper tapeparallel portpassive matrix display
PCI Mezzanine CardPCI slotPDS
peripheralPeripheral Component Interconnectpersistence
Personal Computer Memory Card International AssociationPGAPIC
Pin Grid Arraypin-outPipeline Burst Cache
Plastic Pin Grid ArrayPlaystationplenum cable
plotterpointpointing device
point of sale terminalpolyvinyl chloridepower cycle
power-on resetpower-on self-testpower supply unit
PRAMprimary cacheprinted circuit board
printer portProcessor Direct Slotprogram counter
Programmable Array LogicProgrammable Logic ControllerProgrammer's Switch
protocol analyserpurple wirePVC
QWERTYRadio-frequency identificationRadio Frequency Interference
Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog ConverterRASraster
raster blasterred wirerefresh
refresh rateReliability, Availability, Serviceabilityresolution
RG58RG8ribbon cable
root bridgerotational latencyRTL
rusty ironS3SB AWE32
SBusScalable Coherent Interfacescan line
SCSI-2SCSI-3SCSI adapter
SCSI IDSCSI initiatorSCSI reconnect
SCSI targetsensorSerial Peripheral Interface
serial portserver roomshielded twisted pair
short cardSingle Connection AttachSingle Edge Contact
Single Edge Contact CartridgeSingle Edge Processor PackageSingle Electron Tunneling Technology
single endedSingle Inline Pin Packagesleep
Slot 1Slot 2Slot A
Small Computer System InterfacesmartSmart Battery Data
SMBSnappy Video SnapshotSocket 370
Socket 7Socket 8Sound Blaster
space barspace-cadet keyboardspeaker
SPISR flip-flopstack loader
Staggered Pin Grid Arraystatusstepper motor
substrateSuper 7Super Video Graphics Array
SVGASVGA monitorSyQuest Technology, Inc.
System/370System Management BusSystem Management Mode
system unittagged queueingtall card
tape headTeleratTelescope User Interface
Television Interface AdapterterminalTerminal Access Controller
Terminal Adapterthick film dielectric electroluminescenceTIA
Time Domain ReflectometerTNCtouchpad
touch screentracker ballTrackPoint
tri statettytube
Tunny Emulatortwisted pairUltra64
Ultra-SCSIUninterruptible Power SupplyUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
Universal Serial Busunshielded twisted pairvampire tap
Versa Module Europavertical refresh ratevertical scan rate
Very Large Scale IntegrationVESA Local BusVGA
Video Graphics Arrayvideo random-access memoryVisual Display Unit
wall platewavetablewebcam
White BookWhite book CD-ROMwhite trash
Wide SCSIwinchesterWindow Random Access Memory
wrats nestx86 processor socketXT bus architecture
X terminalZero Insertion ForceZip Drive