hardware entries

16450     16550     16550A     16650     16750C     16C850     431A     5th Glove     6501     6502     650x     8250     8450     8514     A3D     Accelerated Graphics Port     accelerator     access time     acoustic coupler     active matrix display     Active Reconfiguring Message     Advanced Configuration and Power Interface     Advanced Power Management     Advanced RISC Computing Specification     Advanced Technology Attachment     Advanced WavEffect     aliasing     American Wire Gauge     analogue computer     any key     Apple Attachment Unit Interface     application server     Application-Specific Integrated Circuit     ARM     arrow key     Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter     Athlon     ATX     Automatic Send Receive     Baby AT     backplane     backside cache     barrel shifter     base memory     bay     beamer     BiCMOS     bidirectional printing     binary counter     biometrics     bitmap display     bit-paired keyboard     bits per pixel     blitter     BNC     boustrophedonic     braille display     bridge     burn-in     cable modem     CAM-PC     card     Cardbus     CAS     Category 3     Category 5     cathode ray tube     cationic cocktail     Centronics     Ceramic Pin Grid Array     chad box     Chadless keypunch     channel service unit/data service unit     chiclet keyboard     chip creep     Chip Scale Packaging     chip set     Christmas tree     click     Clipper     CMC     coaxial cable     Color Graphics Adapter     colour palette     Column Address Strobe     Communication and Network Riser     communications port     complex programmable logic device     console     Control and Status Register     controller     coupling     cross-platform     CSP     cursor     CyberGlove     CyberWand     database machine     Data Communication Equipment     data glove     Data Jack     Data Terminal Equipment     daughterboard     DB-25     DE-9     DECtape     differential driver     differential line     digital camera     digital carrier     Digital Equipment Corporation     Digital Subscriber Line Access Module     DIN-8     diode     Direct-Access Storage Device     DirectX     disk controller     disk drive     disk duplexing     disk mirroring     display     display standard     Ditto Drive     docking station     dongle     dot matrix printer     dot pitch     DPMS     D-shell connector     D-type     D-type flip-flop     Dual In-Line     Dual In-Line Package     dumb terminal     Dvorak     ECL     EDS+     effective number of bits     Electromagnetic Compatibility     Electrostatic Discharge     empeg     EMU8000     encode     encoder     Enhanced Capabilities Port     Enhanced Graphics Adapter     enhanced parallel port     Enhanced Small Disk Interface     Enigma     EV6     expansion card     expansion slot     Extended Capabilities Port     eXtended Graphics Array     Extended Video Graphics Array     eXtended Video Graphics Array     Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory     Fast SCSI     feature key     Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop     field emission display     field-programmable gate array     Filtabyte     Flex     Flip Chip Pin Grid Array     flip-flop     floating-point accelerator     Floating-Point Unit     floppy disk     floptical     footprint     form factor     FPA     frame     frame buffer     frame grabber     fried     front side bus     FUBAR     function key     G3     GAL     gamma correction     gate     gender mender     Generic Array Logic     Graphic Display Interface     graphics accelerator     graphics adaptor     Gray code     Gunning Transceiver Logic     hamster     haptic interface     hardware     hardware circular buffer     hardware register     HC-900     Head Disk Assembly     heat sink     heat slug     HFC     high colour     High Performance Parallel Interface     High Speed Connect     High-speed Net Connect     high speed serial interface     High Voltage Differential     home     home keys     horizontal scan rate     Host Control Interface     hot swapping     Human-Computer Interaction     Human-Computer Interface     Human Interface Device     hydrofluorocarbon     IBM 3270     IBM 3720     IC     IEEE 488     infant mortality     Information Appliance     inkjet printer     input device     intelligent terminal     interlacing     isometric joystick     Jaz Drive     JK flip-flop     joystick     jukebox     jumper     key     keyboard     Keyboard Send Receive     Keyboard Video Mouse     keypad     laser     LIF     light pen     line     liquid crystal display     Lisp Machine     local bus     loudspeaker     Low Insertion Force     Low Voltage Differential     magneto-optical disk     Memory Management Unit     microchip art     microelectromechanical system     microphone     Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer     microtape     Microwave Hardware Description Language     mind mouse     mirror     Mockingboard     mode     modem     module     Monochrome Display Adapter     motherboard     mouse     mouse mat     Multi-Color Graphics Array     multiplex printer     multiscan     multisync     Multisystem eXtention Interface Bus     Musical Instrument Digital Interface     Network Device Interface Specification     network interface controller     NIC     NLX     null modem     numeric keypad     optical disk drive     Optical Mark Reader     optical mouse     Optical Time Domain Reflectometer     output device     overclocking     page mode     Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory     pager     PAL     paper tape     parallel port     passive matrix display     PC     PC-7150     PCB     PCI Mezzanine Card     PCI slot     PDS     peripheral     Peripheral Component Interconnect     persistence     Personal Computer Memory Card International Association     PGA     PIC     Pin Grid Array     pin-out     Pipeline Burst Cache     Plastic Pin Grid Array     Playstation     plenum cable     plotter     point     pointing device     point of sale terminal     polyvinyl chloride     power cycle     power-on reset     power-on self-test     power supply unit     PRAM     primary cache     printed circuit board     printer port     Processor Direct Slot     program counter     Programmable Array Logic     Programmable Logic Controller     Programmer's Switch     protocol analyser     purple wire     PVC     QWERTY     Radio-frequency identification     Radio Frequency Interference     Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter     RAS     raster     raster blaster     red wire     refresh     refresh rate     Reliability, Availability, Serviceability     resolution     RG58     RG8     ribbon cable     right-click     RJ-11     RJ-45     root bridge     rotational latency     RTL     rusty iron     S3     SB AWE32     SBus     Scalable Coherent Interface     scan line     SCI     screen     SCSI-1     SCSI-2     SCSI-3     SCSI adaptor     SCSI ID     SCSI initiator     SCSI reconnect     SCSI target     sensor     Serial Peripheral Interface     serial port     server room     shielded twisted pair     short card     Single Connection Attach     Single Edge Contact     Single Edge Contact Cartridge     Single Edge Processor Package     Single Electron Tunneling Technology     single ended     Single Inline Pin Package     sleep     Slot 1     Slot 2     Slot A     Small Computer System Interface     smart     Smart Battery Data     SMB     Snappy Video Snapshot     Socket 370     Socket 7     Socket 8     Sound Blaster     space bar     speaker     SPI     SR flip-flop     stack loader     Staggered Pin Grid Array     stepper motor     substrate     Super 7     Super Video Graphics Array     SVGA     SVGA monitor     SyQuest Technology, Inc.     System/370     System Management Bus     System Management Mode     system unit     tagged queueing     tall card     tape head     Telerat     Telescope User Interface     Teletype     teletypewriter     television     Television Interface Adaptor     terminal     Terminal Access Controller     Terminal Adaptor     thick film dielectric electroluminescence     TIA     Time Domain Reflectometer     TNC     touchpad     touch screen     tracker ball     TrackPoint     tri state     tty     tube     Tunny Emulator     twisted pair     Ultra64     Ultra-SCSI     Uninterruptible Power Supply     Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter     Universal Serial Bus     unshielded twisted pair     vampire tap     Versa Module Europa     vertical refresh rate     vertical scan rate     Very Large Scale Integration     VESA Local Bus     VGA     Video Graphics Array     video random-access memory     Visual Display Unit     VME     vt100     vt220     wall plate     wavetable     webcam     White Book     White book CD-ROM     white trash     Wide SCSI     winchester     Window Random Access Memory     wrats nest     x86 processor socket     XT bus architecture     X terminal     Zero Insertion Force     Zip Drive