hardware entries

16450Fast SCSIpower cycle
16550feature keypower-on reset
16550AFibre Channel-Arbitrated Looppower-on self-test
16650field emission displaypower supply unit
16750Cfield-programmable gate arrayPRAM
16C850Filtabyteprimary cache
431AFlexprinted circuit board
5th GloveFlip Chip Pin Grid Arrayprinter port
6501flip-flopProcessor Direct Slot
6502floating-point acceleratorprogram counter
650xFloating-Point UnitProgrammable Array Logic
8250floppy diskProgrammable Logic Controller
8450flopticalProgrammer's Switch
8514footprintprotocol analyser
A3Dform factorpurple wire
Accelerated Graphics PortFPAPVC
access timeframe bufferRadio-frequency identification
acoustic couplerframe grabberRadio Frequency Interference
active matrix displayfriedRandom Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter
Active Reconfiguring Messagefront side busRAS
Advanced Configuration and Power InterfaceFUBARraster
Advanced Power Managementfunction keyraster blaster
Advanced RISC Computing SpecificationG3red wire
Advanced Technology AttachmentGALrefresh
Advanced WavEffectgamma correctionrefresh rate
aliasinggateReliability, Availability, Serviceability
American Wire Gaugegender menderresolution
analogue computerGeneric Array LogicRG58
any keyGraphic Display InterfaceRG8
Apple Attachment Unit Interfacegraphics acceleratorribbon cable
application servergraphics adaptorright-click
Application-Specific Integrated CircuitGray codeRJ-11
ARMGunning Transceiver LogicRJ-45
arrow keyhamsterroot bridge
Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapterhaptic interfacerotational latency
ATXhardware circular bufferrusty iron
Automatic Send Receivehardware registerS3
Baby ATHC-900SB AWE32
backplaneHead Disk AssemblySBus
backside cacheheat sinkScalable Coherent Interface
barrel shifterheat slugscan line
base memoryHFCSCI
bayhigh colourscreen
beamerHigh Performance Parallel InterfaceSCSI-1
BiCMOSHigh Performance Serial BusSCSI-2
bidirectional printingHigh Speed ConnectSCSI-3
binary counterHigh-speed Net ConnectSCSI adaptor
biometricshigh speed serial interfaceSCSI ID
bitmap displayHigh Voltage DifferentialSCSI initiator
bit-paired keyboardhomeSCSI reconnect
bits per pixelhome keysSCSI target
blitterhorizontal scan ratesensor
BNCHost Control InterfaceSerial Peripheral Interface
boustrophedonichot swappingserial port
braille displayHuman-Computer Interactionserver room
bridgeHuman-Computer Interfaceshielded twisted pair
burn-inHuman Interface Deviceshort card
cable modemhydrofluorocarbonSingle Connection Attach
CAM-PCIBM 3270Single Edge Contact
cardIBM 3720Single Edge Contact Cartridge
CardbusICSingle Edge Processor Package
CASIEEE 488Single Electron Tunneling Technology
Category 3infant mortalitysingle ended
Category 5Information ApplianceSingle Inline Pin Package
cathode ray tubeinkjet printersleep
cationic cocktailinput deviceSlot 1
Centronicsintelligent terminalSlot 2
Ceramic Pin Grid ArrayinterlacingSlot A
chad boxisometric joystickSmall Computer System Interface
Chadless keypunchJaz Drivesmart
channel service unit/data service unitJK flip-flopSmart Battery Data
chiclet keyboardjoystickSMB
chip creepjukeboxSnappy Video Snapshot
Chip Scale PackagingjumperSocket 370
chip setkeySocket 7
Christmas treekeyboardSocket 8
clickKeyboard Send ReceiveSound Blaster
ClipperKeyboard Video Mousespace bar
coaxial cablelaserSPI
Color Graphics AdapterLIFSR flip-flop
colour palettelight penstack loader
Column Address StrobelineStaggered Pin Grid Array
Communication and Network Riserliquid crystal displaystepper motor
communications portLisp Machinesubstrate
complex programmable logic devicelocal busSuper 7
consoleloudspeakerSuper Video Graphics Array
Control and Status RegisterLow Insertion ForceSVGA
controllerLow Voltage DifferentialSVGA monitor
couplingmagneto-optical diskSyQuest Technology, Inc.
cross-platformMemory Management UnitSystem/370
CSPmicrochip artSystem Management Bus
cursormicroelectromechanical systemSystem Management Mode
CyberGlovemicrophonesystem unit
CyberWandMicrosoft IntelliMouse Explorertagged queueing
database machinemicrotapetall card
Data Communication EquipmentMicrowave Hardware Description Languagetape head
data glovemind mouseTelerat
Data JackmirrorTelescope User Interface
Data Terminal EquipmentMockingboardTeletype
DE-9moduleTelevision Interface Adaptor
DECtapeMonochrome Display Adapterterminal
differential drivermotherboardTerminal Access Controller
differential linemouseTerminal Adaptor
digital cameramouse matthick film dielectric electroluminescence
digital carrierMulti-Color Graphics ArrayTIA
Digital Equipment Corporationmultiplex printerTime Domain Reflectometer
Digital Subscriber Line Access ModulemultiscanTNC
diodeMultisystem eXtention Interface Bustouch screen
Direct-Access Storage DeviceMusical Instrument Digital Interfacetracker ball
DirectXNetwork Device Interface SpecificationTrackPoint
disk controllernetwork interface controllertri state
disk driveNICtty
disk duplexingNLXtube
disk mirroringnull modemTunny Emulator
displaynumeric keypadtwisted pair
display standardoptical disk driveUltra64
Ditto DriveOptical Mark ReaderUltra-SCSI
docking stationoptical mouseUninterruptible Power Supply
dongleOptical Time Domain ReflectometerUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
dot matrix printeroutput deviceUniversal Serial Bus
dot pitchoverclockingunshielded twisted pair
DPMSpage modevampire tap
D-shell connectorPage Mode Dynamic Random Access MemoryVersa Module Europa
D-typepagervertical refresh rate
D-type flip-flopPALvertical scan rate
Dual In-Linepaper tapeVery Large Scale Integration
Dual In-Line Packageparallel portVESA Local Bus
dumb terminalpassive matrix displayVGA
DvorakPCVideo Graphics Array
ECLPC-7150video random-access memory
EDS+PCBVisual Display Unit
effective number of bitsPCI Mezzanine CardVME
Electromagnetic CompatibilityPCI slotvt100
Electrostatic DischargePDSvt220
empegperipheralwall plate
EMU8000Peripheral Component Interconnectwavetable
encoderPersonal Computer Memory Card International AssociationWhite Book
Enhanced Capabilities PortPGAWhite book CD-ROM
Enhanced Graphics AdapterPICwhite trash
enhanced parallel portPin Grid ArrayWide SCSI
Enhanced Small Disk Interfacepin-outwinchester
EnigmaPipeline Burst CacheWindow Random Access Memory
EV6Plastic Pin Grid Arraywrats nest
expansion cardPlaystationx86 processor socket
expansion slotplenum cableXT bus architecture
Extended Capabilities PortplotterX terminal
eXtended Graphics ArraypointZero Insertion Force
Extended Video Graphics Arraypointing deviceZip Drive
eXtended Video Graphics Arraypoint of sale terminal 
Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memorypolyvinyl chloride