structured analysis

One of a number of requirements analysis methods used in software engineering.

Structured Analysis and Design Technique


(SADT) A function modeling method for analysing and communicating the functional perspective of a system. SADT was commissioned by The United States Air Force.

IDEF0 was derived from SADT.

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structured design


(SD) One of a number of systematic top-down design techniques used in software engineering, usually after structured analysis.

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structure diagram

<programming, data>

A pictorial representation of the composition, grouping and relationship of data items.

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structured language


structured programming


Any software development technique that includes structured design and results in the development of a program consisting of blocks of code whose internal details are independent. Structured programming is usually done in a block-structured language.

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Structured Query Language


Structure of Management Information

(SMI) The rules used to define the objects that can be accessed via a network management protocol. This protocol is defined in STD 16, RFC 1155.

See also Management Information Base.

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