A Standard ML to C compiler. sml2c is a batch compiler and compiles only module-level declarations, i.e. signatures, structures and functors. It provides the same pervasive environment for the compilation of these programs as SML/NJ. As a result, module-level programs that run on SML/NJ can be compiled by sml2c without any changes. Based on SML/NJ version 0.67 and shares front end and most of its run-time system, but does not support SML/NJ style debugging and profiling.

School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University Linux.

conformance: superset
 + first-class continuations,
 + asynchronous signal handling
 + separate compilation
 + freeze and restart programs

ports: IBM-RT Decstation3100 Omron-Luna-88k Sun-3 Sun-4 386(Mach)

portability: easy, easier than SML/NJ

E-mail: <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>

Last updated: 1991-06-27

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