scripting language


(Or "glue language") A loose term for any language that is weakly typed or untyped and has little or no provision for complex data structures. A program in a scripting language (a "script") is often interpreted (but see Ousterhout's dichotomy).

Scripts typically interact either with other programs (often as glue) or with a set of functions provided by the interpreter, as with the file system functions provided in a UNIX shell and with Tcl's GUI functions. Prototypical scripting languages are AppleScript, C Shell, MS-DOS batch files and Tcl.

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script kiddie


A perjoritive term for an unskilled person who simply obtains software ("scripts") from others and deploys it with minimal or no understanding. A slightly more skilled script kiddie may actually attempt to modify the software first or write their own. The software may be stolen or, typically, downloaded from an archive. Many viruses and worms are simply patched together from other bits of code that malicious hackers share.

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