operational database


A database containing up-to-date, modifiable data, in contrast to a decision support database.

Last updated: 1995-02-14

Operational Data Store


(ODS) A group of integrated databases designed to support the monitoring of operations. Unlike function oriented databases, an ODS contains subject-oriented, dynamic, current enterprise-wide information that is continually updated to show the current state of operations.

["Data Warehousing Architecture and Implementation"].

Last updated: 2010-02-28

operational requirements


Qualitative and quantitative parameters that specify the desired capabilities of a system and serve as a basis for determining the operational effectiveness and suitability of a system prior to deployment.

Last updated: 1997-01-07

operational semantics


A set of rules specifying how the state of an actual or hypothetical computer changes while executing a program. The overall state is typically divided into a number of components, e.g. stack, heap, registers etc. Each rule specifies certain preconditions on the contents of some components and their new contents after the application of the rule.

It is similar in spirit to the notion of a Turing machine, in which actions are precisely described in a mathematical way.

Compuare axiomatic semantics, denotational semantics.

Last updated: 1996-08-21

operational test and evaluation


(OT&E) Formal testing conducted prior to deployment to evaluate the operational effectiveness and suitability of the system with respect to its mission.

Last updated: 1997-01-07

operational testing


A US DoD term for testing performed by the end-user on software in its normal operating environment.

Last updated: 1997-01-07

operation code


(Always "op code" when spoken) The part or parts of a machine language instruction which determines what kind of action the computer should take, e.g. add, jump, load, store. In any particular instruction set certain fixed bit positions within the instruction word contain the op code, others give parameters such as the addresses or registers involved. For example, in a 32-bit instruction the most significant eight bits might be the op code giving 256 possible operations.

For some instruction sets, certain values in the fixed bit positions may select a group of operations and the exact operation may depend on other bits within instruction word or subsequent words.

When programming in assembly language, the op code is represented by a readable name called an instruction mnemonic.

Last updated: 1997-02-14

operations support technician


A person who analyses and supports computer operations by controlling production applications, monitoring system resources and response time and providing first-line support for operational problems.

Last updated: 2004-03-20

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