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A linear topology on a left A-module M is a topology on M that is invariant under translations and admits a fundamental system of neighborhood of 0 that consists of submodules of M. If there is such a topology, M is said to be linearly topologized. If A is given a discrete topology, then M becomes a topological A-module with respect to a linear topology.


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linear transformation

linear map

linear type

<theory, programming>

1. An attribute of values which are used exactly once: they are neither duplicated nor destroyed. Such values require no garbage collection, and can safely be updated in place, even if they form part of a data structure.

Linear types are related to the linear logic of J.-Y Girard. They extend Schmidt's notion of single threading, provide an alternative to Hudak and Bloss' update analysis, and offer a practical complement to Lafont and Holmström's elegant linear languages.

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