A tablet computer announced by Apple Computer, Inc. on 2010-01-27 to be released in March 2010. The iPad runs iPhone OS 3.2, providing multi-touch interaction and multimedia processing. Like Apple's iPhone and iPod, it uses a virtual keyboard for text input and runs most iPhone apps. It adds the iBooks application for reading text in ePub format.

It has a 1GHz Apple A4 SoC processor, up to 64GB of flash memory, a 250mm LED-backlit colour LCD display (resolution 1024x768 pixels) and a 25 Wh lithium-polymer battery. Internet access will be Wi-Fi in early models with HSDPA 3G available soon after using a micro-SIM. It weighs 730g. Features it lacks include a camera, the ability to multitask and an open developement environment.

The iPad is the culmination of a series of attempts by Apple to produce a tablet device, starting with the Newton MessagePad 100 in 1993 and including collaboration with Acorn Computers in developing the ARM6 processor.

Apple iPad.

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