Maxis Software's simulation game which lets you design and build your own city, which must be administered well if it is to thrive. Land must be zoned, transportation systems built, and police and fire protection provided. Once you've zoned some land, and provided electrical power, the simulation takes over, and simcitizens move in. If you perform your mayoral duties poorly, however, they will move out again. If you don't provide enough police, crime will rise and sims will vote with their feet. Try to save money on fire protection, and your city may burn to the ground. There is no predefined way to win the game, building the largest city you can is just one possible strategy.

SimCity runs on Archimedes, Amiga, Atari ST, IBM PC and Macintosh. There was also a NeWS version for Sun SPARC workstations running OpenWindows.

SimCity 2000 is an upgrade of SimCity.

Last updated: 1995-06-11

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