Recursive Macro Actuated Generator


(RMAG) Robert A. Magnuson, NIH ca 1970.

A stand-alone macroprocessor for IBM 360/370 under VS or OS. Many built-in features and a library of several hundred macros. Several large systems were written in RMAG to generate source code for languages such as IBM JCL, IBM assembly language, COBOL.

There was also a system (SLANG: Structured LANGuage compiler) which would generate 370 assembly language from a pseudo-structured-programming language, based on Michael Kessler's structure programming macros developed at IBM.

["Project RMAG--RMAG22 User's Guide", R.A. Magnuson, NIH-DCRT-DMB-SSS-UG103, NIH, DHEW, Bethesda, MD 20205 (1977)].

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