1. A language designed for its simple denotational semantics. "The Denotational Semantics of Programming Languages", R. Tennent, CACM 19(8):437-453 (Aug 1976).

2. QUantifiers and SubTypes. Language with a sophisticated type system. Just as types classify values, "kinds" classify types and type operators. Explicit universal and existential quantification over types, type operators, and subtypes. Subtyping is defined inductively on all type constructions, including higher-order functions and abstract types. User-definable higher-order type operators.

"Typeful Programming", Luca Cardelli <[email protected]>, RR 45, DEC SRC 1989.

Implemented in Modula-3.

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3. A multimedia authoring system. Quest has been available for MS-DOS for some time. Version 3.5 for Microsoft Windows was released around March 1995. It features an Authorware-style flowchart system with an ANSI-C script language.

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