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Hamiltonian cycle

Hamiltonian problem

Hamiltonian path

Hamiltonian problem

Hamiltonian problem


(Or "Hamilton's problem") A problem in graph theory posed by William Hamilton: given a graph, is there a path through the graph which visits each vertex precisely once (a "Hamiltonian path")? Is there a Hamiltonian path which ends up where it started (a "Hamiltonian cycle" or "Hamiltonian tour")?

Hamilton's problem is NP-complete. It has numerous applications, sometimes completely unexpected, in computing.


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Hamiltonian tour

Hamiltonian problem

Hamilton's problem

Hamiltonian problem


Commonwealth hackish synonym for bang on.

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Hamming code


Extra, redundant bits added to stored or transmitted data for the purposes of error detection and correction.

Named after the mathematician Richard Hamming, Hamming codes greatly improve the reliability of data, e.g. from distant space probes, where it is impractical, because of the long transmission delay, to correct errors by requesting retransmission.

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Hamming distance


The minimum number of bits that must be changed in order to convert one bit string into another.

Named after the mathematician Richard Hamming.

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Hamming, Richard

Richard Hamming



1. (From Fairchild) A particularly slick little piece of code that does one thing well; a small, self-contained hack. The image is of a hamster happily spinning its exercise wheel.


2. A tailless mouse; that is, one with an infrared link to a receiver on the machine, as opposed to the conventional cable.


3. (UK) Any item of hardware made by Amstrad, a company famous for its cheap plastic PC-almost-compatibles.

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