E. F. Codd


The inventor of the relational data model of databases.

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Electronic Frontier Foundation

effective computable


A term describing a function for which there is an effective algorithm that correctly calculates the function. The algorithm must consist of a finite sequence of instructions.

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effective number of bits


(ENOB) An indication of the quality of an analog to digital converter. The measurement is related to the test frequency and the signal-to-noise ratio.

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Effort Adjustment Factor


(EAF) A term used in COCOMO to calculate a cost driver attribute's effect on a project. It is the product of the effort multipliers corresponding to each of the cost drivers for the project.

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Extensible Firmware Interface


Extended Fortran Language



(From "Eris-free Net", eris being eris.berkeley.edu).

The dominant Internet Relay Chat network.

See also Undernet.

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A system produced by Ting to help implementers produce Forths for different targets, using assemblers.

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A Forth interpreter written in Motorla 6809 assembly code by Lennart Benschop <[email protected]>. Posted to Usenet newsgroup alt.sources on 1993-11-03 with a Motorola 6809 assembler.

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electronic funds transfer


Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale


electronic funds transfer

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