An Object-Based Concurrent Language.

The language for the ABCL MIMD system, written by Akinori Yonezawa <[email protected]> of Department of Information Science, Tokyo University in 1986. ABCL/1 uses asynchronous message passing to objects. It requires Common Lisp. Implementations in KCL and Symbolics Lisp are available from the author.

E-mail: <[email protected]>.

["ABCL: An Object-Oriented Concurrent System", A. Yonezawa ed, MIT Press 1990]. (1990-05-23).

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A concurrent object-oriented language, an extension of ABCL/1 based on C.

["An Implementation of An Operating System Kernel using Concurrent Object Oriented Language ABCL/c+", N. Doi et al in ECOOP '88, S. Gjessing et al eds, LNCS 322, Springer 1988].

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A reflective subset of ABCL/1, written in ABCL/1 by Yonezawa of Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1988.

["Reflection in an Object-Oriented Concurrent Language", T. Watanabe et al, SIGPLAN Notices 23(11):306-315 (Nov 1988)].

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An object-oriented, concurrent, reflective language based on Hybrid Group Architecture. ABCL/R2 was produced by <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1992.

As a reflective language, an ABCL/R2 program can dynamically control its own behaviour, such as scheduling policy, from within a user-program. This system has almost all functions of ABCL/1 and is written in Common Lisp.

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