A program to allow a file to be read (or played) but not changed. Viewers are often freely distributable, even when the editor application is not. This allows you to create files with the editor and make the viewer available to other users to view your files, e.g. on a website. Examples include the Word and Adobe Acrobat viewers.

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A framework for distributed and concurrent software engineering which provides an alternative approach to traditional centralised software development environments.

Decentralised process models are used to drive consistency checking and conflict resolution. The process models use pattern matching on local development histories to determine the particular state of the development process, and employ rules to trigger situation-dependent assistance to the user. Communication between such process models facilitates the decentralised management of explicitly defined consistency constraints.

[Ulf Leonhardt]

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A Smalltalk extension for computer algebra. "An Object Oriented Approach to Algebra System Design", K. Abdali et al, in Symp Symb Alg Manip, ACM 1986, pp.24-30.

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