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First, this is an (English language) computing dictionary. It includes lots of terms from related fields such as mathematics and electronics, but if you're looking for (or want to submit) words from other subjects or general English words or other languages, try http://wikipedia.org/, http://onelook.com/, http://yourdictionary.com/, http://www.dictionarist.com/ or http://reference.allrefer.com/.

If you've already searched the dictionary for a computing term and it's not here then please don't tell me. There are, and always will be, a great many missing terms, no dictionary is ever complete. I use my limited time to process the corrections and definitions people have submitted and to add the most frequently requested missing terms.

Try one of the sources mentioned above or http://techweb.com/encyclopedia/, http://whatis.techtarget.com/ or http://google.com/.

See the Help page for more about missing definitions and bad cross-references.

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