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1802; 4510; 586; 6510; 65816; 686; accumulator; Acorn RISC Machine; address bus; addressing mode; Advanced RISC Machine; Alpha; Alpha AXP 21164; ALU; AMD 29000; AMD 29027; AMD Am2901; AMD Am2903; AMD Am2910; Amulet; Arithmetic and Logic Unit; ARM; ARM610; ARM7; ARM710; ARM7500; ARM8; ARM800; array processor; ASP; backside cache; branch prediction; Branch Target Buffer; bus error; Celeron; central processing unit; Ceramic Pin Grid Array; clock; clock rate; control unit; core; CPU Info Center; Cyrix 6x86; DEC Alpha; Dynamic Execution; Fairchild F8; Ferranti F100-L; fetch-execute cycle; Flip Chip Pin Grid Array; G3; Halt and Catch Fire; heat slug; Hitachi 6309; Hitachi HD64180; horizontal encoding; horizontal microcode; HyperSPARC; i860; index register; indirect address; Intel 4004; Intel 4040; Intel 486; Intel 486DX; Intel 486SX; Intel 487SX; Intel 8008; Intel 80186; Intel 80188; Intel 80286; Intel 80386; Intel 80386DX; Intel 80386SX; Intel 8048; Intel 8051; Intel 8080; Intel 8085; Intel 8086; Intel 8088; Intel 80x86; Intel 8751; IntelDX4; Intel i960; Intersil 6120; K6; Klamath; machine cycle; Matrix Math eXtensions; MESI protocol; microcontroller; microperation; Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages; MIPS; MIPS R2000; Mobile Triton; Motorola 14500B; Motorola 6800; Motorola 68000; Motorola 6801; Motorola 68010; Motorola 68020; Motorola 68030; Motorola 68040; Motorola 68060; Motorola 680x0; Motorola 68HC11; Motorola 68LC040; National Semiconductor 32000; NEC 780-C; Nova; OCP; Order Code Processor; Overdrive; P1754; P6; Pentium; Pentium II; Pentium III; Pentium II Xeon; Pentium Pro; Philips SCC68070; Plastic Pin Grid Array; PowerPC; PowerPC 601; PowerPC G3; RapidCAD; RCA 1802; Reduced Instruction Set Computer; SA-110; SC/MP; SL; Socket 370; SPARC; speculative execution; StrongARM; Thumb; TMS 9900; trace scheduling; transputer; Triton; Triton II; Triton VX; uniprocessor; Univac; vertical encoding; vertical microcode; virtual 86 mode; word size; Z180; Zilog Z8; Zilog Z80; Zilog Z8000; Zilog Z80000; Zilog Z80A;