start bit


A bit which signals the start of transmission of a character on a serial line. For an RS-423 signal, the line is normally at logical zero which there is no data and the start bit is a logical one. The zero-one transition tells the receiver when to start sampling the signal to extract the data bits.

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Last updated: 1995-02-02

start of authority


(SOA) A type of resource record used by the Domain Name System (DNS) to give metadata about a set of domain name data (the contents of a "zone file"). An SOA record has the following parameters:

Serial: the zone serial number - a version number for the zone file.

Refresh: the number of seconds between update requests from secondary and slave name servers.

Retry: the number of seconds the secondary or slave will wait before retrying when an attempt fails.

Expire: (time to live - TTL) the number of seconds a master or slave will wait before considering cached data out-of-date.

Minimum: previously used to determine the minimum TTL, this offers negative caching.

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Start Of Header


(SOH) mnemonic for ASCII 1.

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Last updated: 1996-05-31

Start Of Text


(STX) Mnemonic for ASCII 2.

Last updated: 1996-05-31

start tag


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