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56 kbps     56k line     610     A&B     ACK     ACM     acoustic coupler     adaptive answering     Adaptive Communication Environment     Adaptive Digital Pulse Code Modulation     addressed call mode     addressee     AM     amateur packet radio     America On-Line, Inc.     Amplitude Modulation     asymmetrical modulation     Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line     asynchronous     Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter     Asynchronous Transfer Mode     ATM     attenuation     audiographic teleconferencing     automatic baud rate detection     Automatic Number Identification     Automatic Repeat Request     bandwidth     bang path     Basic Rate Interface     baud     Baudot code     beamer     bearer channel     BER     bipolar     Bit Error Rate     bit rate     bits per second     Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem Code     broadband     broadcast quality video     broken arrow     bulletin board system     cable modem     callback     Caller ID     Call Unix     CAP     capacity     Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation     carrier signal     CAS     CCS     Cellular Digital Packet Data     central office     Central office exchange service     channel service unit     channel service unit/data service unit     checksum     CHEOPS     circuit     circuit switching     Class 5 switch     Clover     Code Division Multiple Access     coder/decoder     Committed Data Rate     common carrier     Common Intermediate Format     communications port     communications software     communication system     Computer Telephone Integration     concentrator     Conferencing over IP     congestion     continuous wave     cost control callback     CTI     CTS     cu     CU-SeeMe     Customer Information Control System     cutover     data channel     Data Communication Equipment     Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification     Dataphone Digital Service     data redundancy     data service unit     Data Terminal Equipment     Data Terminal Ready     data transfer rate     dedicated line     Delphi     demodulation     Dialled Number Identification Service     digital carrier     digital certificate     Digital Data Service     Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications     Digital Radio Mondiale     Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data     Digital Subscriber Line     Digital Switched Network     diplex     Direct Inward Dialing     directional coupler     double-duplex     DPSK     DS0     DS1     DS1C     DS2     DS3     DSL     DS level     DSU     Dual Tone Multi Frequency     duplex     E1     E2     E3     E4     E5     E-carrier system     Eggdrop     EIA-232     EIA-232C     EIA-422     EIA-423     EIA-449     EIA-485     EIA-530     electronic commerce     electronic data interchange     electronic funds transfer     equivalent isotropically radiated power     facsimile     fall back     fall forward     Fax over IP     Fibre Channel     flow control     FM     Foreign eXchange Office     Foreign eXchange Subscriber     FPLMTS     FRAD     Frame Check Sequence     Frame Relay     Frame Relay Access Device     frequency division multiplexing     Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum     Frequency Modulation     Frequency Shift Keying     full-duplex     General Packet Radio Service     Global Positioning System     Global System for Mobile Communications     go voice     H.323     half-duplex     handover     hardware handshaking     Hayes-compatible     hello packet     High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line     High Speed Circuit Switched Data     High-speed Net Connect     high speed serial interface     Home Phoneline Networking Alliance     host     in-band signalling     information superhighway     Integrated Services Digital Network     Intelsat     Interactive Voice Response     inter-exchange carrier     intermodulation distortion     Internet backbone     Internet Telephony Service Providers     IP Telephony     isochronous     keep-alive     Kermit     latency     leased line     line conditioning     line noise     Link State Routing Protocol     local echo     local exchange carrier     local loop     longitudinal parity     Longitudinal Redundancy Check     low earth orbit     Manchester encoding     marshalling     Media Gateway Control Protocol     Message Passing Interface     Microsoft Access     Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Directory Number     modem     Morse code     Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for European Researchers     multiplexing     Multi-User Shared Hallucination     negative acknowledgement     noise     noise shaping     null modem     Number 5 Electronic Switching System     Nyquist Theorem     Open Telecom Platform     optical fibre     OTP     out-of-band     overhead     packet radio     packet switching     pager     parity     parity bit     parity error     PCN     PC-TALK III     peak envelope power     Personal Communication Services     phacker     phase-shift keying     Phonetastic     Physical Transport Network     Pidgin     Plain Old Telephone Service     plesiochronous     Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy     Point-to-Point Protocol     Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet     Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol     Portable AIRTIME     Post, Telephone and Telegraph administration     Pretty Amazing New Stuff     Private Automatic Branch eXchange     Private Branch Exchange     Private Manual Branch eXchange     Procomm     protocol analyser     PSDN     PSK     Public Key Infrastructure     Public Switched Telephone Network     push     quadruplex     quality of service     Quarter CIF     Quick Mail Queueing Protocol     Quick Mail Transfer Protocol     RAS     RealAudio     recipient     redundancy     reliable communication     Remote Access Services     remote echo     Remote Spooling Communication Subsystem     repeater     Return To Zero     RJ-11     root bridge     RS-232D     RSCS     screen popping     SDLC     serial     serial communications     serial line     Serial Line Internet Protocol     Serial Peripheral Interface     serial port     service provider     set-top box     signalling rate     signal-to-noise ratio     Simple Gateway Control Protocol     simple multicast protocol     simplex     simplex printer     Simplified Multicast Routing Protocol     single-duplex     Single-line Digital Subscriber Line     SIxteen Bit Organisers     SNR bandwidth product     social network     software handshaking     spread spectrum communications     squirt the bird     stac compression     statistical time division multiplexing     stream     streaming     synchronous     Synchronous Data Link Control     Synchronous Digital Hierarchy     T1     T3     tail circuit     T-carrier system     TDD     TEI     telco     Telecommunications Device for the Deaf     telegraphy     Telephone Application Program Interface     telephony     Telephony Application Programming Interface     Telephony User Interface     Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol     terminal emulator     throughput     time division multiplexing     TUI     two-binary, one-quaternary     Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter     Universal Communications X     Universal Computer Protocol     Upper Side-Band modulation     USB     USB Adapter Card Support     User Network Interface     uuencode     V.10     V.11     V.25     V.25 bis     V.28     V.29     V.32     V.32bis     V.35     V.42     V.42bis     Vertical Redundancy Check     Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line     Very Small Aperture Terminal     V.FC     video conferencing     video dial tone     Video on Demand     visible bell     vocoder     Voice over IP     VSAT     V series     wall     wavelength division multiplexing     Wide Area Telecommunications Service     wiki     Wireless Local Loop     X.21     XMODEM