f primitives for

concurrency. Used for undergraduate teaching at Lausanne (EPFL).

Versions: Newton 2.6 for VAX/VMS and Newton 1.2 for DEC-Alpha/OSF-1.

E-mail: J. Hulaas <[email protected]>. ftp://ellc4.epfl.ch /pub/languages/Newton.

["Procedural Objects in Newton", Ch. Rapin, SIGPLAN Notices 24(9) (Sep 1989)].

["The Newton Language", Ch. Rapin et al, SIGPLAN Notices 16(8):31-40 (Aug 1981)].

["Programming in Newton", Wuetrich and Menu, EPFL 1982].

2. Apple Newton.

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62-8), describing {ANSI C}.f primitives forl.ch /pub/languages/Newton)}.

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