White Book

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1. K&R.

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2. The fourth book in Adobe Systems, Inc.'s PostScript series, describing the previously-secret format of Type 1 fonts. The other three official guides are known as the Blue Book, the Green Book, and the Red Book.

["Adobe Type 1 Font Format, version 1.1", Addison-Wesley, 1990 (ISBN 0-201-57044-0)].

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3. White book CD-ROM.

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Last updated: 1996-12-03

White book CD-ROM

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A more open CD-ROM standard than Green Book CD-ROM. All films mastered on CD-ROM after March 1994 use White Book. Like Green Book, it is ISO 9660 compliant, uses mode 2 form 2 addressing and can only be played on a CD-ROM drive which is XA (Extended Architecture) compatible. White book CDs are labelled "Video CD".

Last updated: 1994-11-02

white box testing


(Or "clear", "glass", "open") Software testing approaches that examine the program structure and derive test data from the program logic.

Structural testing is sometimes referred to as clear-box testing since white boxes are considered opaque and do not really permit visibility into the code.

Last updated: 1996-05-10

White pages

A directory service for locating individuals by name (by analogy with the telephone directory). The Internet supports several databases that contain basic information about users, such as electronic mail addresses, telephone numbers and postal addresses. These databases can be searched to get information about particular individuals. See Knowbot, Netfind, whois, X.500, finger.

white paper


A short treatise whose purpose is to educate industry customers. See, e.g., Architecture Neutral Distribution Format.

Last updated: 1997-10-24

white point


A set of three colour coordinates that define the colour white in image processing applications.

Last updated: 2008-03-10

Whitesmiths style


An obsolete and deprecated source code indent style popularised by the examples that came with Whitesmiths C, an early commercial C compiler. Basic indent per level is eight spaces, occasionally four.

 if (cond)

Last updated: 2014-09-24



(From the colour it produces on white paper) Any contiguous sequence of spaces, tabs, carriage returns, and/or line feeds. Whitespace might also possibly include form feed characters. The term is common on Unix.

See also non-printing character.

Last updated: 1996-09-04

white trash

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A pejorative term for Intel-based microcomputers, used by NeXT users at UK law firm Linklaters & Paines to contrast these machines with their black NeXT boxes.

Last updated: 1996-09-04

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