vertical application

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An application program supporting one specific industry process, e.g. for e-commerce purchasing applications, the entire distribution process including order entry, shipping, and customer service.

Compare horizontal application.

Last updated: 2000-03-28

vertical bar


The character "|", ASCII code 124.

Common names: bar; or; or-bar; v-bar; pipe; vertical bar. Rare: ITU-T: vertical line; gozinta; thru; pipesinta; INTERCAL: spike.

"Pipe", "gozinta", "thru" and "pipesinta" refer to the use of "|" in Unix shells to create a pipe.

Some keyboards show both a solid vertical bar (code 124) and a broken vertical bar (code 166).

[Does anyone call either kind of vertical bar "pling"? Other codes?]

Last updated: 1998-09-20

vertical encoding


An instruction set where a field (a bit or group of bits) of the instruction word is decoded (either by hard-wired logic or microcode) to generate signals to control the functional units, as opposed to horizontal encoding where the instruction word bits are used as the control signals directly.

With vertical encoding, which combinations of signals and operations are possible is dictated by the decoding logic; the instruction field can only select one of these preprogrammed combinations. This has the advantage that many control signals can be generated based on only a few instruction word bits and only valid combinations of control signals can be generated, e.g. only one source driving a bus at once. An instruction set may use a mixture of horizontal and vertical encoding within each instruction.

Last updated: 1995-04-23

vertical loop combination


vertical microcode


Microcode using vertical encoding.

Last updated: 1995-04-23

Vertical Redundancy Check

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(VRC) An error checking method performed on one 8-bit ASCII character, where the 8th bit is used as the parity bit.

The resulting parity bit is constructed by XORing the word. The result is a "1" if there is an odd number of 1s, and a "0" if there is an even number of 1s in the word. This method is unreliable because if an odd number of bits are distorted, the check will not detect the error. The Longitudinal Redundancy Check is an improvement.

Last updated: 2001-04-28

vertical refresh rate


Synonym for refresh rate.

Last updated: 1996-02-09

vertical scan rate


Synonym for refresh rate.

Last updated: 1996-02-09

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