ith a pernament {IP address} and {POP3} {electronic

mail} account. Membership includes a disk with Mosaic, Eudora, Trumpet2, Newsreader, FTP and Telnet and full Internet access. Users can choose their own user name and hostname. Allows some extra services such as more than one POP3 account per access account. User name is significant so that a company can have accounts with the same hostname (i.e. their company name) but the mail going to diffent machines. Mail in users POP3 account is accessible from anywhere not just via the dial-up connection. On your next business trip you can still check your e-mail (provided you can get onto the Internet).

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Last updated: 1994-11-18

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ith a pernament {IP address} and {POP3} {electronic address} and {POP3} {electronic

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