Google Chrome

Right-click on the address bar, select Edit search engines and create an entry with the search string

Mozilla Firefox

There is a Firefox search extension for FOLDOC.

Cusser's Context Search extension lets you use any search extension on the selected text.

Other Browsers

The instructions below will give you a button in your browser that will search FOLDOC for any word you have selected in the browser window, or, if nothing is selected, prompt you for a search string. If you don't enter anything and just click OK, the button will take you to the FOLDOC home page.

Internet Explorer

In the View > Toolbars menu, ensure that Links is ticked.

Drag this link onto your Links toolbar:

IE Search Shortcut

Run this file to allow you to type FOLDOC queries directly in the IE address bar, preceded by f and a space.

Tip: never run a ".reg" file straight off the web. Save it and check it in a text editor first.

(Thanks to Scott Treacy).


The Galeon web browser supports bookmarks that take arguments. To add a "smart bookmark" to FOLDOC, add a bookmark with "" as URL and "" as smart URL.

(Thanks to Auke Jilderda for this info).

Ukrainian translation of this page by Android SDK:

Last update: 2010-02-20 14:19

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