FOLDOC source

The dictionary source is a single plain text file. Diffs are no longer available.

Other Media and Formats

FOLDOC on PC/Mac/iOS/Android

NG-Computing include a version of FOLDOC in their Fora Dictionary product which runs on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

FOLDOC for Psion

John Greenaway used to maintain a version of FOLDOC in TomeRaider format for EPOC machines such as the Psion.

FOLDOC on your Palm

Brad Hatch wrote a Web Clipping Application to allow users of wireless Palm PDAs to access the dictionary. You can get it from Tucows.

FOLDOC in MobiPocket Dictionary format

Adam B released FOLDOC in MobiPocket Dictionary format in preparation for dictionary support on the iLiad.


Flexdict is a commercial product that can look up any word on your screen in several dictionaries including FOLDOC. A free demo version is available.


FOLDOC is available on paper from your local printer, but 766,602 words would be about 2000 pages!