The first stage of software development which defines what the potential users want the system to do. In modern methods these requirements should be testable, and will usually be traceable in later development stages. A common feature of nearly all software is that the requirements change during its lifetime.

See software life-cycle.

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Requirements Acquisition and Controlled Evolution

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(RACE) A "back to basics" approach to requirements engineering. The method, is being pieced together through a series of intermediate research studies. In essence, the approach has been to establish requirements for RACE, identify individual techniques that meet those requirements, experiment with the combined use of the techniques, and finally assemble the method. In practice, RACE has been influenced significantly by Checkland and Wilson's Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) and this forms the core of the method.

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requirements analysis


The process of reviewing a business's processes to determine the business needs and functional requirements that a system must meet.

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Requirements Engineering


The task of capturing, structuring, and accurately representing the user's requirements so that they can be correctly embodied in systems which meet those requirements (i.e. are of good quality).

DOORS is one product to help with this task.

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