Where to report e-mail abuse (spam)

Below are excerpts from replies I've received from online service providers when I've reported spam to them. Maybe if enough people hassle the guys who are making the money they will get annoyed enough to do something about unsolicited e-mail.

Mail Abuse Protection System

The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

Julian Byrne's comprehensive anti-spam site

Don't bother with antispam.org, it's a fraud.

Pacific Bell Internet
PersonalEmail (Pemail)

AOL <[email protected]>

Our goal is to process all mail sent to [email protected] within 24 hours of receipt and when possible to personally follow up on mail we have received. During times of high volume we may not be able to meet this goal. Replies on abuse reports may be delayed or omitted especially if the junk e-mail in question did not originate at aol.com. Due to the large number of reports we receive regarding Usenet abuse, we can only respond to occasional items. Lack of a response should NOT be interpreted as a lack of action taken.

A great deal of the junk e-mail reported is forged and, in fact, does not originate at aol.com. In many cases you can use the full headers (including the Received: lines) to discern its true origin. If e-mail headers have not been tampered with, the last Received: header line will usually tell you the domain from which the junk e-mail originated. For future reference, valid AOL address can not:

Valid AOL mail will have a short, verifiable Received path directly from a resolvable host within AOL.COM to your mail host.

AOL does not condone junk e-mailing. We are working closely with our legal and security departments to step up our efforts in combating junk e-mail. This includes deploying new technological solutions, and adopting a more aggressive legal posture.

If you are writing to report abuse of the Usenet or Internet, please send future reports to [email protected]. When reporting junk or abusive e-mail or Usenet posts by America Online Members, please forward both the full text of the message and the full header information. This helps us understand the context of the message. It also assures all parties concerned that we are taking action against the correct account as a great deal of the junk e-mail we see is forged.

AT&T <[email protected]>

Please send any future complaints to the Abuse Desk directly. Include the expanded message header of the suspected abuser's e-mail, including the path and identifier (timestamp and IP address), and send it to [email protected].

Compuserve <[email protected]>

Your message has been received by the CompuServe Postmaster Team. CompuServe is interested in your comments and questions. We are making a concerted effort to address each issue; however, due to the high volume of mail received at this address, we are unable to reply to each message individually.

DIGEX <[email protected]>

If you are writing to complain about a DIGEX customer who is engaging in abusive activities, we would appreciate it if you would provide us with your contact information and a complete description of the offense. We trouble-ticket all violations of our Acceptable Use Policy, including all spams.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of mail that these mailboxes accumulate, we cannot promise a direct human response to each request. DIGEX's policies on system abuse explicitly prohibit "spam" (bulk-mail sending of unsolicited e-mail, or posts to an excessively large number of USENET groups, by the thresholds set forth on the news.admin.net-abuse FAQ.

current status of investigation into spam-related activities.


If you have any issues about spam abuse or internet abuse concerning EarthLink Network Inc., please send email to [email protected] or [email protected] respectively.


It is strictly against our policy to allow unsolicited e-mail. We have taken action against those involved in this problem and deleted their site from our services.

GTE <[email protected]>

Should you receive further incidences of spam, please direct your complaints to [email protected].


If you wrote to "
postmaster" because of e-mail you received that you found objectionable, we will look into the matter (and we appreciate your bringing it to our attention). While as a matter of policy Juno does not review the mail its members send or receive, we may consider an inquiry when complaints are made about mail sent by or to a member of our service. (In cases where the offending message was sent from a service other than Juno, any inquiry will be dependent upon the cooperation of others, our limited access, and other factors.) If you have not done so already, please forward the message(s) in question, including all original message headers.

Microsoft Network <[email protected]>

If you wish to send a message concerning Internet abuse by an MSN member, please send a detailed communication to [email protected]. For information on how to report "spam" email or other disruptive activity occurring on MSN, see our web page.

Netcom <[email protected]>

Include the type of report in the SUBJECT of the message (IRC, Usenet, e-mail). Include the full headers of all e-mail or Usenet messages relevant to your report. Often, forwarding a message through a newsreader strips the article of headers and makes it difficult for us to identify the original post.

Pacific Bell Internet <[email protected]>

Thank you for alerting us to a violation of Pacific Bell Internet's Acceptable Use Policy. Pacific Bell Internet has a ban on unsolicited bulk email a zero-tolerance policy towards forged e-mail headers: all customers who forge an e-mail header will have their accounts terminated immediately.

Although it is impossible to eliminate unsolicited commercial e-mail entirely (alas), I shall do everything possible to minimize the junk coming from our domain. Please do not hesitate to write if you have any questions or if you wish to report other instances of abuse by Pacific Bell Internet dialup or dedicated customers.

PersonalEmail (Pemail)

We will look into the matter as soon as we can and take whatever actions we find necessary. Please send spam reports to [email protected].

Information about the latest known spammers.


If it is an e-mail and/or usenet related complaint or question, please send e-mail to [email protected].

Sprint <[email protected]>

Thank you for your recent report to [email protected] This address is for reporting issues related to Sprintlink only.

Please send sprintmail.com abuse reports to [email protected] and dialsprint.net abuse reports to [email protected] This will direct your reports to the appropriate agency.

We are not usually able to respond personally to each message received, but wish to assure you that we investigate each report, and will take appropriate action in accordance with our policies.

If you are reporting email or news abuse, please remember to include all header information.

Sprint's Acceptable Conduct Policy for Sprint IP Products and Services is designed to help protect Sprint, Sprint's customers and the Internet community in general from irresponsible and/or illegal activities.

Sprint's Policy.


Please forward a copy of the spam, including full headers, to [email protected]. The spam will be cancelled and the source will be dealt with.


If you continue to receive future unsolicited e-mail, which appears to come from a USA.NET address, please forward it to
[email protected]. Additional information on our "No-Spam" Policy.


Postmaster and Abuse addresses are for reporting abuses of our mail systems only. When any user signs up for our mail service, they must agree to our Terms of Service agreement which expressly outlines the policies of our system. It is very important to us that any violations of these policies are identified and addressed. We appreciate your assistance as we enforce these policies. We will use the information that you provide to investigate each matter fully. Any account found to be in violation of our TOS will be dealt with accordingly.


UUNET's Internet Abuse Investigations auto-responder delivers information on proper addresses to send complaints regarding violations of UUNET's Acceptable Use Policy. It does not create an incident ticket.

In order to expedite processing of Network Abuse incidents, UUNET uses three distinctive addresses for users to send complaints:

If the user is connected to your system or is causing a denial of service attack, please call UUNET at +1 800 900 0241, option #2, then option 2 to reach our Security Support group (during the hours of 8am to 8pm EST, M - F) or choose option #2, option 7 (at any other time) and request to have a member of our Security Support group contacted.

UUNET's Acceptable Use Policy.

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