pre-sales support rep


A person who supports sales by analysing customer requirements, proposing and demonstrating technical solutions, ensuring acceptable product installations, training users and providing initial technical support.

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presence detect


A means of identifying a memory chip to the memory controller logic. The original scheme, Parallel Presence Detect (PPD) used a separate pin for each bit of information. The limited number of pins available only gave the density and the speed of the chips. To pass more information, the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) scheme was introduced, storing the information in serial EEPROM with one pin to enable it and one for data.

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presentation layer


The second highest layer (layer 6) in the OSI seven layer model. Performs functions such as text compression, code or format conversion to try to smooth out differences between hosts. Allows incompatible processes in the application layer to communicate via the session layer.

Documents: ITU Rec. X.226 (ISO 8823), ITU Rec. X.216 (ISO 8822).

Last updated: 1996-07-20

Presentation Manager

The elephantine graphical user interface to the OS/2 operating system.


/pres`t*-di"j*-ti:-zay"sh*n/ 1. A term coined by Daniel Klein <[email protected]> for the act of putting something into digital notation via sleight of hand.

["Open Channel", IEEE "Computer", November 1981].

2. Data entry through legerdemain.

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A parallel language for shared-memory multiprocessors, built on top of C++ by Bershad et al, U Washington 1987. PRESTO provides classes for threads and spinlocks as well as Mesa-style monitors and condition variables. E-mail: <[email protected]>.

["PRESTO: A Kernel for Parallel Programming Environments", B.N. Bershad et al, U Wash CS TR, Jan 1987].

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